TWOSIX Wellness

February 2016

The Top Indicators Of Good Health and How To Stay Healthy and Balanced

Skin The state of your skin can give many clues about the appropriateness of your diet and lifestyle. Ideally, the skin is smooth and clear with good elasticity. There are no dark circles under the eyes.

Simple Ideas For Staying Calm & Positive When Planning a Wedding

everAFTER Magazine’s Creative Director Nicole Snow shares advice on how to stay grounded and sane during the wedding planning process. You’re engaged! Congratulations. Or maybe one of your best friends has asked you to be a bridesmaid. However you are involved in an upcoming wedding, this is a really exciting

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The TWO Ingredients you need to introduce into your Morning

Say hello to your new morning friends….Chia & Lemons! I wake up dehydrated each morning. It doesn’t matter what environment; Melbourne, Darwin or an over-airconditioned hotel room.

Yoga Wear For The Wild Yogi – 213 Apparel

Throw together a smile tank with maximum print leggings and coloured Ts and you have the perfect 213 apparel  look, guaranteed to make you happy! The gorgeous duo Charlotte and Sammy from 213 Apparel share their design influences behind the recent collection  ‘The Happiness Revolution’. An eclectic range that gives

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Connect, Grow & Play at Salute the Sun Yoga Festival

Benita Grimaldi the heart behind the Salute The Sun festival shares with us the story behind her amazing community festival, the future and why it’s extremely important to have a happy body.

What is Yoga and does it actually work?

In recent times I’m witnessing a shift at yoga studio’s. Where the physical benefits were the catalyst to start a yoga practice, people are now showing up in search of a deeper connection.

The Mind When Housed Within a Healthful Body Possesses a Glorious Sense of Power

When the word relationship is presented in front of us we often think about the external relationships in our life, boyfriend, girlfriend, work, friends, brothers, and sisters. But, how often do you think about your relationship with yourself?

How To Make The Most Delicious Acai Bowl

Acai (ah-sah-hee) is one of the richest sources of antioxidants on the planet. Cultivated in a tiny region within the Amazon rainforest it has become internationally popular due to the iconic Brazilian acai bowl. Tourists to Brazil and the international surf community are the reasons behind the globalization. We were

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Meet Natasha Mac – Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

Our very own Emma spent two years of her younger life in India, years she describes as “life changing”. SO when we found out one of her dear friends had opened a Health Food café in the gorgeous beachy town of Goa, India, we just had to reach out to

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Natrual Beauty – Scrub Yourself Sexy

There is nothing sexier than smooth, soft skin.  Scrubbing is officially a thing and there are so many different types, and ingredients you can take your pick or try them all! Click on our headings and pretty pictures to purchase. We got your back!

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