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June 2016

The Benefits Of ‘Super-foods’ & How To Use Them

A super-food is defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. While I still believe that organic fruit and veg are the best superfoods you can put into your body, the following “superfoods” are nutrient dense, provide amazing health benefits and are easy to

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How to Order the Healthiest Coffee

Coffee is full of wonderful antioxidants and there is evidence to suggest it can help with type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons and burn fat. But let’s be honest, coffee is a stimulant that the majority of us use to function normally. It over stimulates adrenal glands and if you’re like me,

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4 Important Reasons You Should Be Having a Monthly Remedial Massage

Once people discover the benefits of remedial massage, a common question arises — “How often should I be having a massage?” The answer is simple. Those who are looking to improve their posture, reduce their chance of injury and maintain mobility benefit greatly from scheduling a massage monthly.

The Perfect Retreat To Build Strength

RBT Luxury Retreat | My results & experience I just finished my first ever 6 nights and 7 day’s fitness retreat in beautiful Bali with the crew from RBT. Result Based Training are transformation gyms, located across Australia, UK and USA. RBT Gyms are exclusively body transformation centres where personal

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Meditation at your Desk – A simple way to be mindful at work

We know it can be tough to regularly dedicate time to your mental health and wellbeing. This five-minute meditation is an immediate and powerful way to bring focus back within and to refresh the brain during those busy days.

Want To Eat Less Sugar? Try These Simple Tips…

Top 7 Ways To Cut Down Sugar from Local Legends Green Press 

Japanese Lettuce Cups

I haven’t been this excited about a recipe since I first moved to Melbourne and discovered Smashed Avocado. Now that was a great day and this comes pretty close, you’re going to kick yourself you haven’t tried this sooner. Depending how elaborate you want to get it this can be

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Healers Don’t Heal You. This Is What We Do Instead.

I’ve been dabbling with this post for many months now. Waiting for the right time to complete and publish it.

How To Make Your Smoothie Sweet, Without Consequences

We think smoothies should be addictive. They need to taste amazing. But we also don’t want to overdo the sweetness, creating a caloric monster that crashes our energy like a 20 foot wave. The key, as is always preached when it comes to things that taste good, is moderation.

Why Fermented Foods Are Good For Your Health

For thousands of years, cultures have been using fermented foods as a way to preserve fresh food. Over time, we have come to learn that through this process, the food also has added health benefits…

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