3 Ways to be more Mindful about You and Your Style

March 9, 2018

Become consciously aware of clothing that no longer serves you

Is there clothing that you are holding onto even though you’ll never wear it? Are you replaying how you used to look over and over in your head, instead of embracing how you look in the present? Whatever it is, it’s likely doing more harm than good. It’s time to let the past stay where it belongs, in the past!

Take action: write why you’re holding onto that clothing on a piece of paper. Next, write how you would feel or what you think would happen if you were to take it out of your wardrobe. Why would that be a problem? Lastly, write down what would have to happen for you to let go of those clothes. Reflect on what that is. If it’s something you can change, take steps to make that change! If it’s something that sounds a bit ridiculous or unnecessary, you’ve still got your answer: it’s time to let go of those clothes. Once you do this there will be a magnificent space created in your wardrobe (and your mind) for new and wonderful things to enter your life!


Practice positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are words or statements of encouragement that you say to yourself. They can be very powerful to use when you are shifting towards a new style or a new you. Do you want to feel more comfortable with yourself and your style? Tell yourself that you are – your brain has a funny way of taking what you say as reality. So if for example, you’re a bit nervous about wearing something that you’ve never worn, simply saying “calm” and “relaxed”, can remind your brain of what it’s like to be in that state and bring about that feeling in your body.

Take action: look at yourself in your mirror and say “I comfortable and happy with myself and my style. I dress in a way that is authentic to me. When I dress this way, I am calm and relaxed. I am stepping into my power.” Do this for one week. Reflect on how you feel after that week. Are you more comfortable? Do you believe this affirmation more now than you did on day 1? It may take a while to notice a difference, but even if it helps you feel 1% more comfortable, it’s worth it!!


Have an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is something we often forget if we don’t feel good about ourselves or our style. It’s something that takes practice. The great thing is once you start to practice gratitude it becomes a habit and then ultimately becomes an attitude.


Take action: when someone compliments you, simply say, “thank you”. Don’t go into a self‑defeating speech about how you don’t look great or how you hate this or that about yourself. Appreciate the compliment. Acknowledge the person for taking the time to say something nice to you. It’s not arrogant. Rather, it’s repaying the kindness toward someone that has been kind to you.


Article by Monika Vuksan-Cusa

Monika, is The Mindful Stylist, on a mission to help women not only dress in a way that makes them feel great about themselves on the outside but also to give them mindful styling techniques to grow body confidence and self-love from the inside. Monika is passionate about all things mindfulness and fashion. She has integrated her personal stylist training from the Australian Style Institute and mindfulness training from Monash University and the Perth Meditation Centre, to create mindyourstyle, her Perth based personal and mindful styling business. When she’s not busy styling clients, you can find her spending time in nature or baking dairy-free desserts!



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