4 Reasons to Start a Side Project and Quench Your Thirst For Fulfilment

January 18, 2019

Work. The word is notorious for breeding negative connotations. Why? Several reasons come to mind, but the one that rings true for most is the set of constraints imposed by others. Naturally, you’ll seek out ways to relieve this recurring pain point and compensate for the shortcomings of your job role. However, if Netflix and wine time are failing to quench your thirst for fulfilment, perhaps it is time to find something else that will. The answer, my thirsty friends, begins with a side project.

Side projects are the cornerstone of personal growth and self-discovery. Focusing your energy on something that is born from internal passion, desire or a tasty combination of both creates an invaluable source of power – the kind that can reignite the fire within, restore your sense of purpose and breathe freedom back into your life. Who knows? Your humble side project might just turn into the next big buzz word, emerging in the conversations of millions of people around the world. After all, that’s how Uber, Twitter and Instagram came to life.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, perhaps the following reasons will entice you to whip out your 2018 diary to schedule some time in for your passion project.


Creative freedom

Feel liberated by the ability to work at your own pace, according to your own schedule. Without externally imposed constraints, fear of judgment or ridicule at play, you’re more inclined to unleash your authentic self and reach your creative potential. Treat this as an opportunity to experiment with ideas that you were unable to entertain in the past and tap into unexplored territory. Aren’t you the least bit curious to see where it takes you?


Restore the balance

Achieving balance can be difficult when work is frequently permeating your thoughts after hours. It’s a lot easier to wind down from the 9 to 5 ritual when you’ve got something else to fill your mind and direct your energy towards. If the topic of work is invading the bulk of your social interactions and making unhealthy appearances in your dreams, it’s time to reclaim control and restore the balance in your personal life.


Renew your sense of purpose

If the lather, rinse, repeat rhythm of work life isn’t sparking anything remotely close to a happy dance, start a project that will. Allocating time to a project that brings you back to your happy place and triggers the excitement in your voice can renew your sense of purpose and restore your daily motivation.


Personal growth

Side projects are an opportunity to top up your knowledge back, acquire new skills or refine your current skill set. The best part – you get to dictate the course outline. Taking the initiative to advance your skills will ultimately expand the pool of opportunities available to you, now and in the future. Don’t ignore your hunger for achievement, feed it. Go on, now. The stage is yours. Whether you choose to write a book, produce a documentary or create an app, your passionate pursuit will rescue you in more ways than one.



Article by Alexandria Phillips

Alexandria Phillips is the Co-Founder of Saint Belford. Her passion for mental health stems from her own personal experiences which she openly blogs about and draws upon to create tools that empower individuals to put their mind and body first.
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