6 Healthy Reasons to Eat Watermelon

January 9, 2017

Originally Published January 5, 2015 


Summer is finally here and let’s face it, nothing screams Summer more than a juicy slice of Watermelon. This juicy fruit is extremely hydrating and full of electrolytes, making them the ideal fruit on a hot summers day. Filled with potassium, vitamins and minerals watermelons support every part of your insides.

We know they’re tasty but did you know a slice of watermelon…

Can improve your health: Watermelon has lots of lycopene, a key plant antioxidant that is famous for fighting heart disease and prostate cancer. Watermelons have almost 50 percent more of this antioxidant than tomatoes do.

Is a great way to get your dose of Vitamin C: A big slice of watermelon gives you half the daily dose you need.

Can boost your immune system: Two cups of the juicy red melon also supply nearly a quarter of your daily beta-carotene, which your body uses to make vitamin A. Running low on beta carotene can affect your eye sight.

Has healing qualities: Watermelon is one of the richest sources of citrulline, an amino acid used to heal wounds. There’s extra citrulline in the white and green part so don’t be so quick to throw out the peel!

Is a stress reliever: Watermelon is a good source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure…making it the ideal snack for the holiday season!

Is the perfect snack: A slice of watermelon is not only tasty but also low in calories, and its high water content makes you feel full for longer.


How do we enjoy our Watermelon?

Slice your watermelon into cubes, add some delicious feta, a few mint leaves and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil!

Blend your watermelon, add a few mint leaves and pour it into icy pole moulds. Freeze overnight.

A great party idea…Wrap a slice of prosciutto around a wedge of watermelon and serve as a tasty antipasto.


How do you enjoy your favourite summer fruit? Leave your comments below.


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