A simple relaxation meditation for your workday

November 27, 2017

It can be tough to regularly find the time to focus on your mental health and wellbeing. This five-minute meditation uses controlled breathing to help guide the movement and relaxation of the body and to calm the mind. Taking this time for yourself will encourage positive inner-energy, particularly when you find yourself completely surrendering to the breath. This meditation is a powerful and efficient way to refresh your focus and bring about wellbeing on those busy working days.

  • Find a comfortable quiet space in the office or workspace (utilise a boardroom or lunch area during a quiet time).
  • Close your eyes and relax the body. Soften the shoulders, relax your face and release any tension in the belly.
  • Connect with your breath. Notice any changes in the body as you begin to focus on your inhalation and exhalation. Inhale for four counts and exhale completely for four counts, creating a rhythm with the breath.
  • Be aware of your thoughts, but notice them, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Observe the sounds, energy, people around you then let them all go. Use your the breath to guide you and continue to center on the rhythm.
  • Stay here for 5 minutes, or longer is the time is available to you. Then gently and slowly open the eyes and move intuitively, stretch or move in any way that feels good.


Article by Twosix Co-Founders Bree & Emma 

Having come from over 10 years in a corporate environment both Emma and Bree are passionate about changing the culture of work in Australia, ensuring that wellness is a sustainable practice inside of all workplaces. Twosix Wellness is a Melbourne based wellness hub that provides down-to-earth, and practical health and wellbeing programmes for corporates as well as inspirational content via their online platform. Yoga & Pilates Sessions, Nutrition & Mindfulness Articles, Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and so much more – There are lots of reasons to get excited about the Twosix movement!

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