How To Detox Naturally- No Shakes, No Potions, No Pills…

Originally Published October 9, 2015 Spring is a great time to detox. Here are our top ten ways to do it naturally. 

5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation, Look Better & Feel Younger

Acute (short-term) inflammation is actually incredibly important. It helps the body fight foreign invaders and plays a major role in repairing damage when you have an injury or infection. The problem comes with chronic (long-term) inflammation which plays a role in almost every chronic Western disease, including heart disease, cancer,

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The Trick to Sautéing your Broccoli

Create The Perfect Side Dish  I make sautéed broccoli at least twice a week. I don’t think my partner is annoyed yet. It’s just so simple, healthy and unbelievably tasty. And it goes with almost anything. I’ve refined my version over the years, to make it as quick as possible.

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The 25 Foods Your Kitchen Needs At All Time

Essentially, I’m going to show you my shopping list. If any of these products run out, I get them replaced immediately. I think they’re critical to making better tasting and healthier food. The 25 Foods Your Kitchen Needs At All Times: 1. Olive Oil / 2. Sea Salt / 3. Pepper

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6 Healthy Reasons to Eat Watermelon

Originally Published January 5, 2015    Summer is finally here and let’s face it, nothing screams Summer more than a juicy slice of Watermelon. This juicy fruit is extremely hydrating and full of electrolytes, making them the ideal fruit on a hot summers day. Filled with potassium, vitamins and minerals watermelons support every part

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Is Coffee Healthy? How Much Can I Have? You’ll Be Shocked At The Results

Let’s investigate the holy grail of health questions. Is coffee healthy? Before we get into the science, let me tell you about my relationship with the black stuff. I like coffee. The smell, the taste, the feeling. I normally have two strong cups a day. A long black with cinnamon helps me

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6 Ways To Stay Healthy When Life Gets Busy

Nowadays more and more people are interested in becoming or remaining as healthy as possible. Despite this trend, there are many challenges in modern life that can stop us from doing so. One of the biggest problems is a lack of time. While lack of time to become healthy can

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When To Buy & When To Make

As our health journey evolves we’ve come to the realisation that not everything needs be homemade. Time is money. We need to weigh up the effort involved with homebrewing vs the integrity of products available to buy.

How to Order the Healthiest Coffee

Coffee is full of wonderful antioxidants and there is evidence to suggest it can help with type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons and burn fat. But let’s be honest, coffee is a stimulant that the majority of us use to function normally. It over stimulates adrenal glands and if you’re like me,

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How To Make Your Smoothie Sweet, Without Consequences

We think smoothies should be addictive. They need to taste amazing. But we also don’t want to overdo the sweetness, creating a caloric monster that crashes our energy like a 20 foot wave. The key, as is always preached when it comes to things that taste good, is moderation.

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