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The 9 Protein Sources For Your Smoothie That Will Make You Look Good Naked

I’m often ranting on about the need for protein. Particularly in smoothies. Our Naturopath showed that protein is pivotal in hormone, skin and liver health. And this study confirms that high protein diets are brilliant for weightloss. Plus, the study shows that plant based sources are better for you than animal.

Greens To Add To Your Everyday Smoothie

The reason we have green smoothies is to ingest more vegetables. Let’s face it, kale tastes better in a smoothie with a little (a lot) of peanut butter than it does raw on the plate. But to our body, a raw cup of kale is a raw cup of kale.

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Why We’re Going Crazy for Turmeric

They’re cropping up everywhere, in cafes and in the blogosphere: turmeric lattes. But apart from being fun to drink something that looks like liquid sunshine, why are we all jumping on the turmeric bandwagon? Simple, it’s nature’s best anti-inflammatory!

The TWO Ingredients you need to introduce into your Morning

Say hello to your new morning friends….Chia & Lemons! I wake up dehydrated each morning. It doesn’t matter what environment; Melbourne, Darwin or an over-airconditioned hotel room.

How To Make The Most Delicious Acai Bowl

Acai (ah-sah-hee) is one of the richest sources of antioxidants on the planet. Cultivated in a tiny region within the Amazon rainforest it has become internationally popular due to the iconic Brazilian acai bowl. Tourists to Brazil and the international surf community are the reasons behind the globalization. We were

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The Rise Of Kale + Other Ways To Use It!

Kale. A life giving vegetable that has often been associated with hipsters and yogis  is now dominating the aisles of most supermarkets around the world.

What’s Missing From Your Smoothie?

Ever wondered what ingredients will boost your everyday smoothie? James McLoughlin from Green Press shares his favourites!

Chai Poached Pears – Recipe by Chai Walli

Chai Poached Pears – Gluten Free + Refined Sugar-Free!

Spiced Cashew Turmeric Milk + Smoothie Recipe

Although turmeric is a great spice to add into your diet all year round, the cooler months are an especially good time as turmeric is a strong disease fighter. Here are some other health benefits…

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold pressed juice a Fad? We think not! This super-juicing method is definitely here to stay. It’s time to unlearn what you know about juicing, the bottle of orange and mango juice sitting in your fridge has the same amount of sugar and preservatives as a glass of soft drink! It’s

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