Connect, Grow & Play at Salute the Sun Yoga Festival

February 19, 2016

Benita Grimaldi the heart behind the Salute The Sun festival shares with us the story behind her amazing community festival, the future and why it’s extremely important to have a happy body.


Can you please tell us about Salute the Sun Festival’s origin story. Why did creating a festival of yoga appeal to you?

I wanted to create something that involved the incredibly talented individuals in our community. I wanted to create a space where there was something for everyone; yoga (for beginners to advanced), food, music, health, wellness and entertainment. I wanted to do this to make yoga and meditation more accessible.

When we team up, we can create more. When we have a cheer squad, we can’t give up! A yoga festival has such a beautiful community feel to it and that was the biggest draw card for me. Community.

What’s the significance of the name “Salute The Sun”?

obviously referencing sun salutations which is a yoga practice… But also… The sun has such beautiful positive connotations. The sun gives us so much energy and a natural kick… And… Some days we have to create our own sunshine… I think yoga is a perfect tool to remind us about that.

What does a Happy Body mean to you?

For me, my body is happy when it is moving. It doesn’t really matter how it moves; I just need to move it! A happy body is one that is getting what it is asking for! Some days I feel like smashing out an f45 class followed by a sweaty vinyasa flow, other days I just want to sit and chill. It’s the same with food… Some days I’m all about green smoothies and salad… And some days I want to eat trippy taco for breakfast lunch and dinner! Haha but it’s about balance and nourishing from the inside! Marissa Frew of Rocket and Beets has been helping me with my journey for a Happy Body! She is incredible! I love that her program has a gut reset phase and allows you to eat real food!

Can you tell us about some of your amazing yoga teachers? And what we can expect from the festival?

I wanted to showcase local teachers so that my guests can get a taste of what is right at their finger tips!  Ana Uribe is a spicy Colombian teacher who has so much passion and sass! Cassie Lee and Claudia Gloss, two incredibly talented experienced teachers are taking us for a handstand and inversion class together.

Jeff Moscato is one of the coolest cats I know. He’s going to flow us into Sunday arvo… Then Evelyn Stavrinidis will take us for a 20-minute nidra (which she will be able to explain better than I can!)

We’ve got live artists and a dj to mix things up a bit!

There’s also a few surprises throughout the day! As well as a free lunch from Thr1ve!

Ten years from now, how do you hope the Salute The Sun Festival has impacted individuals, and the yoga community?

I have a vision for Salute the Sun Yoga Festival to reach every state in Australia. I’d love for it to be a space where we can celebrate the talent in each community and allow people to experience yoga and meditation!


“Some days we have to create our own sunshine”


I; @benigrimaldi

F: @salutethesunyogafestival


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