Finding Balance

October 20, 2014

Good Health can only be achieved through balance.

We have settled into a way of living so out of balance that damage to our long-term health is inevitable. We constantly hurry around and push our bodies and ignore our messages of pain and fatigue until they turn into more serious medical problems. We’re sold quick fixes and choose ways to mask the symptoms so we can keep on going, so we don’t loose an ounce of productivity. We keep evolving as a society yet we have forgotten the most important element of living- good health.

So what does balance mean to you? Is it taking time away from the office? Is it spending time with family and friends? Is it taking an hour of your day to move the body through yoga, Pilates, boxing, running? Is it about feeding your body the right sorts of foods?

Here are some of our suggestions to finding balance…

1.Breathe – Each morning take time to sit and breathe, so many of us don’t and as a result have shallow breathe, Taking 10 minutes each morning to deeply inhale for 6 counts and exhale for the same will help oxygenate the body, promote healthy blood circulation, calm the mind and relax the body. And it’s Free!

2. Remember why you need balance – Sounds silly, yet writing down your goals and what your idea of balance is, is a simple therapeutic way to sort through the clutter in the mind.

3. Write a list – Write a list of the positives in your life and a list of the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving the balance you need i.e. work, stress, energy levels.

4. Be honest – Most of us are masters in suppressing our emotions- including stress! An important element to finding balance is to admit when you need help, it’s so simple and we promise it wont hurt your image. To be able to utilise the people around you will change the outcome. Talk to others and delegate tasks, you will be surprised by how many people offer to help. And it may even empower others to do the same.

5. Look after your body – Take time everyday to check in with your body, notice how its feels when you work long hours, notice how it moves when you don’t get enough sleep or accidentally skip a meal. Listen to your body and make those small changes to better your wellbeing.  Incidental exercise is a wonderful way to keep fit and healthy without having to dedicate time to the gym or to a class. Walk around the office every hour, do stretches at your desk, get off your train or tram one stop earlier and walk to work, and before you do anything in the morning STRETCH!

6. Do less for others – Its ok to put yourself first, it’s ok to say ‘No’ and its ok to want to spend time by yourself. You’re not being selfish, you’re being healthy! Taking time to clear the mind is probably one of the most important elements of creating balance in your everyday life. It gives you a chance to stop and look at your life with clarity and helps you to make conscious choices. To slow down means to enjoy life.


Stop, breathe and listen to your body. Balance is always the answer.

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