How Can You Claim Your Gold Unless You Bring It Out Into The Light?

May 1, 2015

When you feel into the emotions you would ideally like to feel, which emotions do you naturally sway towards?

And what if you felt in deeper again?

Went bigger, bolder and more honestly into how you would like to feel, despite any reservations of the potentiality around getting to that deeply immersive space. Then what would you say?

Take a moment now. Breathe. Sink deeply into your heart space. And then sink deeper again. Into your body. Into your bones. How do you desire to feel?

Now, what if I said to you that in order to deeply embody those emotions you want to feel, you’d need to dive into the mud of the emotions you’ve been avoiding and numbing out to, before you could experience the expansiveness you seek.

Would you say yes to diving into the mud? And then dive in again, once the next layer of healing rises to the surface, clearing away the old to make way for the new?

This is the work that is done by those that you see who are deeply connected and alive in the life they’re living. 

The rewards are why we keep diving into the mud to bring up the gold. Each and every time, when we emerge from the mud, we come up brighter than ever before.

The truth is, we are meant to feel the full spectrum of emotions. We are whole thinking and feeling beings. There’s often a battle between positive vs negative emotions. This is a relationship that needs to change. In this battle between positive vs negative emotion, a conflict arises within us, because when we feel an emotion that is perceived to be negative, our automatic response is to shut it down. This in turn cuts off the gifts that these emotions are bringing into our awareness.

When we shut down how we feel, we’re saying how we’re feeling is wrong, that an innate part of our knowing, is wrong. What if instead of this approach, you went in deep, and felt intensely for an hour or however long it took to claim the gold from your emotions? What if, instead of just affirming positivity, you did the work to get you to genuine contentment and happiness? For, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is our natural emotional state.

Your relationship to your emotions are your guiding light. Sadness is movement to the other side, where you’ll find joy. Anger is a motivator for change which breaks patterns and propels you forward to where you need to be. It’s also the emotion that hides fear. Grief is letting go of the old, and honouring what has been. Once you’ve let go, renewal and birth of new life awaits you.

See what gifts are available to you when you compassionately allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotion?

Ride the roller coaster.

Do the work.

Claim your medicine.


Article by Mel Farrugia


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