How to be your weekend you, every day

November 19, 2018

Who else, like me, wakes up on a Saturday with a strange sense of weekend freedom? That is, the feeling that the day is yours to do whatever you want, and for a brief moment, you can live the life you’d love to live every day if only you could!

So, what are my tips on how you be your weekend you, every day? 

1. Find time to just be you- Finding time to just be you is when you switch off your mind and simply exist in the moment. That means no forward planning, no stressing about work or your to-do list. For me this moment is when I exercise first thing in the day, or when I take 10 minutes to stretch and welcome the day with clarity, prayer, and positive thoughts.

2. Go beyond the boundaries you’ve set yourself Don’t fall victim to your own boundaries. If you want to do something that will help improve your wellness, make it a priority and do it every day.

3. Discover what your ‘why’ is- Why are you on this journey? Is it to improve your wellness, cure an illness, to live a happier life or to simply get more from life? Remind yourself of this objective when you need inspiration. It will keep you motivated when you need it most.

4. Ask yourself, what are your passions- Following your passions makes everything much easier and more enjoyable. Do you know what you stand for? Or what you’re passionate about? Explore these and think about how you can work them into your everyday routine and your job. Most employers should want you to work closer to what you enjoy, your passions are often your strengths as well.

5. Forget about making shit happen all the time- Plain and simple. No explanation needed.

6. Take small steps There is no rush to get it done instantly.Instead of switching between doing mode and your Saturday you, think about how you can integrate these Saturday vibes into your everyday life, one step at a time.

7. Sometimes change is needed You might learn that what you’re doing every day isn’t for you. If this is the case, think about what would make you your happiest you, and explore how you can do this full-time. Success comes to those who enjoy what they do.

8. Don’t forget to breathe- When the stress levels rise, step outside, stand in the sun, take a deep breath and release. Repeat five times. Refocus and re-energise.



Article by Clementine Stuart-Russell 

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