How to effortlessly transition into autumn?

April 27, 2018

I don’t know about you, but other than autumn fashion, the thought of dark nights and short days doesn’t get me jumping out of bed. Instead of going into this colder time of year resisting the rain and constant grey skies, perhaps you can find a different perspective and maybe even thrive during this season. Autumn is about slowing down and unwinding. Continuing to run around like a manic human without stopping for even 5 minutes is going to make things really hard. Here are some tips to help you get centred, settle down and effortlessly transition into autumn:


Don’t Fight It

Instead of spending the better part of the next 5-6 months resisting the dark, cold days, embrace this energy and cultivate some time for you. Taking time out of your day to attend a yoga class, practice meditation, or even just sit with your breath will help you to slooooow down and start to check in with your body and mind. Practices like yoga, meditation and breathing specialise in offering some time and space just for you. They ask you to press the pause button so that you can nourish, re-charge and get centred, allowing you to go about your daily life with just a bit more ease and clarity.

Build Heat

Likely, the cold makes you feel stiff and certainly not motivated to move your body – all the more reason to attend that heated yoga class down the street. Not only will the warmer room temperature heat you up from your core, the full body physical movement will help to warm up your muscles and joints, improve circulation, get energy flowing and reduce stress.

Find Community

We can start to go stir crazy riding the cyclical work, home, dinner, TV routine, and we know the more we do this, the harder it is to leave the comfort of the couch. In addition to building heat and creating space, yoga can be a great way to mix up your regular routine and meet new people. Get inspired by that warming community feeling you get when greeted by your favourite teacher or new yogi buddy and get yourself on the mat at least one night a week. Often yoga studios even have various workshops that might also offer you a couple hours on the weekend to get moving or try something new.

Moving with the seasons instead of battling against them helps to keep your body in tune with the natural rhythms and flow of your surroundings. This autumn, take the time to nourish yourself and you might just find a bit more balance and harmony in doing so.


About Victoria Paige

Victoria is a writer, marketer, and a yoga teacher. She loves being able to combine her passions for health, wellness, yoga, meditation, and sustainability together, inspiring people to find their path towards living healthier, more fulfilled lives. If she’s not travelling or brunching, you can find her on her yoga mat.


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