How to get people supportive of your health & fitness journey

June 15, 2018

By Tiffiny Hall, founder of

Making the choice to change your lifestyle can be challenging and sometimes confusing. Your usual routine of waking up, eating breakfast, going to work, eating dinner, watching TV and going back to bed is going to be shaken up (in the best way) and people get wary of their current life balance being shifted. While it is your responsibility to keep yourself on track during your journey, it doesn’t hurt to have the support and love from family, friends and Ninjas alike. In fact, a good support system is vital to getting you to your goals.

Sometimes, when you decide to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle, it challenges people and causes them to have a proper look at themselves and their habits.

It’s super hard and confronting when those who are supposed to be there for you appear unsupportive of something that is so important to you. If you are able to sit down and have a proper conversation to point out how crucial this is for you, you may be able to trade some honest feedback and turn a saboteur into your greatest supporter.

Support and motivation from friends and family can help inspire and motivate you to keep up with your lifestyle changes.  As your mindset changes, bring your loved ones along for the ride.

If someone is unsupportive in your house

It’s time to talk to them. Sit with your partner/mother / brother/housemate and explain why your new lifestyle is important to you, even encourage them to join you! Power in numbers after all. This person should share in your excitement and progress and encourage you when it’s a bit tough and overwhelming. Be honest about what kind of help and support you feel like you’ll need if you go off track.  If you’re receiving backlash from your house with your new routine and healthy meals, it’s time for you to lead by example. Let them be inspired by your progress and goal smashing and don’t let anyone unsupportive sabotage your efforts.

I’ll be there for you

Friends make an excellent support system (even the friends you haven’t met yet, can I get a hell yeah from my TIFFXO Ninjas in my private Facebook community!). Chat about your goals, needs and plans with a friend, I like to call them accountability buddies. Set up new traditions instead, usually meet the girls for a big Saturday fry up? Why not swap it for a walk at the local park instead? Host healthy dinner parties, encouraging whole fresh foods and share healthy tips around. For all those nay-sayers doubting your commitment will soon see your progress and happyfit life and will want to be involved.

Working 9 till 5

Co-workers can be like the family you never asked for, you see them every day and they’re the ones that offer the most unsolicited advice on your new lifestyle. They can judge, berate and make you feel small all based off their own standards, rather than your new lifestyle. It’s about harnessing that Ninja spirit and being strong! Ignore the rolled eyes when you pull out a delish TIFFXO wrap instead of their pub lunch and practice saying “No, thank you.” That is the only explanation you need to supply. We don’t have to explain or justify our choices to people because often when you start discussing and debating your choices it can make you feel like you’re stuck so just nod and smile, say “no thank you” and move the conversation away from macros and workouts something more important. Like shoes or nail polish. Or win them over with a TIFFXO baked snack from my snack list. That always seems to work!

If it feels like no one is willing to support you

Don’t give up! Choosing to start your new happy fit lifestyle is just as hard a challenge! Make a routine for yourself and find a regular and consistent time to press play every day. Consider trying some group classes if you’re wanting to find some fellow Ninjas who share similar interests and goals. Jump online and check out my incredible Ninjas and let them motivate and support you to success.  Write a journal and keep yourself accountable, you’ll have a visual guide of how far you’ve come, which can serve as a great reminder on those tougher days.  Create a vision board so you don’t lose sight of your journey and celebrate every single NSV (non-scale victory) that you come across.

Though there are going to people tempting you to turn your back on your goals, at the end of the day it is you who is responsible! Glorious you who is the only one responsible for your own efforts. Always remember why you are making these changes and it will enable you to feel more confident in what you are doing and why you are doing it!

Don’t you worry, those trying to sabotage you will be floored by your success (and will be asking you for your tips on how you stayed so strong!)

Article by Tiffany Hall

Tiffiny is one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a 6th Dan Taekwondo black belt and one of Australia’s most recognised female martial artists.

Tiffiny has practiced and studied self-defense, mixed martial arts, and Taekwondo for over 25 years. She is a daughter to an Olympic Taekwondo coach and black belt mother.


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