Meet Natasha Mac – Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

February 10, 2016

Our very own Emma spent two years of her younger life in India, years she describes as “life changing”. SO when we found out one of her dear friends had opened a Health Food café in the gorgeous beachy town of Goa, India, we just had to reach out to Natasha and hear more.

Growing up, Natasha learnt a lot from her Punjabi grandparents. She was taught to use food as medicine, and this played a big factor in where she is today.

Her strong belief in the healing power of food comes through in her café – where she sells organic foods and cooks meals from local organic farmers.

Heres a little insight into Natasha from “Natti’s Naturals” world.

Can you tell us a little about you? 

I am half Indian and half Austrian, I started out as a professional surfer living in the Canary Islands.  I had 3 children very young and found it hard to balance my work, children with my own passions. I found sea sports like surfing boogie boarding and swimming were my passions as I always lived near the ocean. I Also love to eat well. And am Interested in food  as Medicine as I love spirituality and learning more about the occult and Vedic philosophy.

Can you tell us about Nattis Naturals? What lead you to starting this wonderful store in Goa, India?

I had learned from my Punjabi grandparents all About spices and food as medicine, the old traditional ways of healing and then introduced these methods in my daily life bringing my children up on homeopathy, Ayurveda, and healthy eating. I studied naturopathic  medicine in London and then came back to Goa thinking I’d go to Bali and then set up a Heath food shop there for some reason my calling was to be in Goa! One day I asked the universe what should I do here and I visioned Nattis Naturals in a dream !! After that, it became a reality.

Have you always been conscious of your own health and wellbeing? 

I was always into this way of being even as a teenager I’d go out get pissed and eat well the next day!

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of Natasha looks like?

I get up at 6.30 drink a cup Of hot water Tumeric, black pepper, I then meditate and practice yoga at home then go either to teach a class of Hatha yoga or go into the shop and make sure everything is in shape!  I’ll either be running around getting stuff for the shop, or chatting and advising customers In the cafe and shop or giving healing to my customers.

We love that you are sharing the message about using Food for Medicine. Can you tell us why this is an important message to you? 

You are what you eat! So, what you put into your body is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and how you love yourself….If You eat junk then?? 

What are your 5 most essential “healing” foods? 

  1. Black seed oil
  2. Spirulina
  3. Chia seeds
  4. Goji berried
  5. Almonds

When do you feel most balanced?

After a great Hatha yoga class, my favourite teacher is Raphaelle from South America and Living in Bali!

Who has been an important influence in your life? 

My kids and My dad

What do you believe is the most important change people should make if they want to be kinder to themselves?

Work on the mind! The rest will follow.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Say no to drugs! Say no to alcohol! Start early to nourish the mind! Body and soul it’s the only way to service this crazy mirage called life !!

Tell us 3 surprising things about you?

  1. Tomato juice makes me vomit
  2. I sleep a lot …
  3. I feel like I’m from a different planet!

Lastly. Do you have a life philosophy or favorite quote? 

“It’s your life! So live it with an open heart and smile on your face.”



Where to find Nattis Naturals…

Nattis Naturals
Calangute- Anjuna Road,
Mazal waddo,
Goa 503509

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