Men and Our Emotions: 5 Steps to help keep our emotions in a positive state.

June 13, 2018

We don’t like talking about them and certainly are bad at expressing them. But when we start to understand how to recognise our emotions and admit that there is nothing wrong with expressing them, the world simply becomes a more positive place.

1. Understand you nor anyone is perfect

Perfection is an unreachable goal. Too many of us look at social media and the lives of others to compare. The truth is that those social media sensations are just as human as you and have just as many down days as well, although I would argue are just as if not more unimpressed with their lives as they are comparing themselves to people that they follow too. If you find yourself looking at social media too much during the day and getting down on ‘where you wish your life was at’ then delete your accounts or restrict yourself the viewing pleasure and concentrate on making your own life unbelievable.Live your OWN life

2. Live your OWN life

Apart from the aspect of social media above, many of my clients don’t stop and look at doing things for themselves. They are always putting themselves last and focus on family, spouses or most commonly work. You need time for yourself, you need to set your own goals and concentrate on your personal vision and what you want to get out of life. So take time every day, even if it’s for just 30mins to reflect on who you are, where you are in life and where you wish to go in the coming years. If you don’t dictate where your life is taking you chances are someone or something else will.

 3. Eat Clean & Exercise often

It’s so easy to say but so hard to do, but we need to think about food as being fuel for our body. Put crap in and you will feel that way. Eat clean, drop out processed sugars and your body will thank you for it. This requires preparation and planning, and scheduling 15mins each night to plan and prepare your meals for the next day will make all the difference. Think lean meats, fish, veggies, salads, fruits and nuts. Exercise should also be mandatory in your lifestyle at least 3-4 times per week. Lose those unwanted kg’s, set fitness goals to work towards, and schedule exercise into your diary like it is the most important meeting in the day. Enjoy the natural high of our endorphins! Don’t allow yourself to make excuses and start practising discipline. Once you start to feel healthy and happy about your body image, your confidence will increase and you will think more positively about life in general.

 4. Get your sleep

Sleep is where it all happens – where your body has the chance to rest, recover and repair. You should be getting at least 7hrs per night and shouldn’t need a coffee every morning just to get you started. You should also plan for a sleep in at least once per week and make sure you stick to it as excuses always seem to get in the way. If you are training hard you should also find you will sleep better too. But don’t sleep too much! If you are feeling down then oversleeping is your enemy. Get up and force yourself to do something positive (like exercise) to get your mind back on track

5. Decrease or give up the drugs (legal and recreational)

It’s simple – what comes up must come down. Yes you may be hanging for the end of every week to go out with friends, party and forget about work, but if you’re finding that your mind doesn’t get right until at least Tuesday the following week, then you are spending too much time in the negative mindset. If you are doing this often it’s going to take a toll on your body and your mind. Alcohol will increase your desire to each crap and being a depressant will put your body in a state of doubt, anxiety, depression and a whole lot of other useless emotions that you simply don’t need. Once again practise discipline and consume in moderation


The above points are absolutely things that I put into place to make sure I am getting the most out of life and remain in a positive state as much as possible. Anything is achievable if your mind is in the right place and your body is powerful. Time to change? Start now and take ACTION.


Article by Aaron Smith – Founder and CEO of KX Group


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