Life as a dancer – A conversation with Shelley Skinner

Introducing Shelley Skinner – Professional dancer… Out of all the sports in the world, dance would have to take out the number one spot on my list. There is something so joyous, so magical about moving your body to music and just letting yourself be.

Letting Go of The Past

Releasing the grip that our past has on us can be very challenging. Feeling nostalgic and our predisposition to reminisce can be great when it involves pleasant and happy memories.

Detoxify Your Kitchen & How To Start Safe Cleaning Habits.

Here are a few tips to help you detoxify your kitchen and start safe cleaning habits. It’s time to make your kitchen a healthy place!  

Yoga Poses To Refresh & Renew

The New Year brings with it intentions of renewal and rejuvenation – creating resolutions to improve ourselves and help to manifest an abundant and beautiful year ahead.

Setting Fitness Goals for the New Year!

The New Year is finally upon us and unfortunately, for a lot of us, so are a few unwanted extra kilos!

Healthy New Year promises made by our Local Loves!

‘What’s your New Years resolution?” This can really be a daunting question,  for most of us we tend not to set them or if we do, after week one that self-made promise disappears into the abyss.