Purpose and Clarity

July 15, 2015

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself: ‘why are we here?’ or more specifically, ‘why am I here?’

At the end of the day that can mean a wide variety of things to a wide variety of people. In fact most people will argue about what it is exactly in their own eyes. So, instead of asking who or what is right or wrong, how about firstly working it out for ourselves and honoring exactly that.

It is quite powerful to decipher what is the meaning of life, because lying hidden in the answer also lays the answer to the question- ‘who am I?’

This is the very essence of the workshops that I have created, because until I work out who I am, how the hell can I help anyone else find their path? It would just be a series of projections.

I believe there are two very important moments in life- the day you are born and the day that you understand why…This personal transformation journeys should is designed to open your mind and to bring fulfillment into your life. Which means having a greater appreciation for your friends, for your family, for your possessions, for the person you are, and fundamentally, for your life.

Considering the ever-increasing amounts of stimulus and distraction in our lives (movies, mini-series, magazines, TV, Social media, the promise of better jobs, grass always being greener etc)… it is easy to see how our surrounding world can cause us to constantly compare or judge and ultimately, convince ourselves that we are not enough and the answer to our woes lies outside of us, or more specifically, in the arms of a product or ‘thing’ or person.

It has been said that the world of marketing doesn’t sell us products. It sells us emotions.

We just need to look as far as a Jeep ad to realise that all that is holding me back can be 4-wheel driven over in my new Wrangler! Or the fact that you must wake up glamorous because Kim Kardashian does!

Is there a way that we can transcend these emotions of ‘loss’ or ‘missing’ or ‘not good enough’??

ABSOLUTELY… and the beautiful thing about it is that the life you are living and the sum of all of your thoughts are trying to remind you of it every second of everyday. It would be wise to take a moment mid-sentence to be GRATEFUL for all the people and things in your life the way that they are… all the positive, and even more importantly, all the negative.

When our mind latches onto only the positive, we may be forgetting about the perceived negatives… and similarly, if we consider only the negatives, maybe we are negating the existence of the positive perceptions in our mind?

To coin a phrase, ‘there are two sides to every story’, so why are we so quick to forget this sage-like advice, just because someone cut us off in traffic, the coffee shop is closed, work sucks and the kids are driving me crazy?

It is these everyday challenges that can make or break us. Wouldn’t it be nice if not only we could have these challenges not bother us but be grateful for the lesson this person or event is trying to teach me? (…and possibly avoid having a panic attack.)

THAT is where the power lies. In understanding. In gratitude. In love. Fear based behavior to me seems so limiting. Why would anyone want to waste their short enough time on this earth HATING when our essence is GRACE, DIVINITY and LOVE?

Regardless of age, sex, color, creed, we can rise above all that crap…. BUT FIRST, we MUST LOVE OURSELVES.

‘Yesterday I was smart so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I wish to change myself.’

Every day is a golden opportunity to be living the life you desire and deserve. I am happy to teach you all that I know in order for us to raise human conscious awareness together.

Let me show you a way to you…


Article by Dr. Lorenzo Mirabelli – Integrated Health Specialist & Mind Coach



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