Simple Ideas to Warm Up the Body

August 16, 2016

Not only is it NICE to be warm, but being warm helps prevent your body crave all those high-fat foods in an effort to create ‘insulation’ for the body. By keeping your body warm you might find it easier to stay away from foods that undo all the good you’re doing at the gym.  Staying warm also prevents you from getting that ‘cold hunch’ and building up all the tension in your upper back and neck as a result. Below we list our favourite ways to stay warm in Winter:

1. Hot drinks

Start and end the day with warm water and apple cider vinegar or lemon to kick start your metabolism. Many people live by their daily coffee but coffee isn’t so great to be drinking around the clock – so mix up your hot drinks. There are lots of green/herbal teas on the market or try making an antioxidant-rich matcha latte, an anti-inflammatory turmeric latte or homemade hot chocolate with raw cacao and added superfoods.

2. Eat warm food

There are plenty of nourishing traditional winter warmers – soups, roasts and hearty stews that are good for you. If you do love eating raw veggies or simple foods, give your body a bit of a break by lightly steaming or sauteĆ©ing them first which can leave you feeling much more satisfied (and warmer!)

Some inspiration for nourishing winter recipes below.

  • Winter Warming Soup – Pumpkin & Ginger 
  • Banana & Peanut Butter Scramble
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast dish

3. Stretch it out 

A tip from TWOSIX Wellness Co-Founder Bree – ‘We know that stretching is a vital part of any workout session, however stretching to move the body at any time of the day has benefits that improve not only your mind but your body too. Stand up from your desk, fold forward, breathe into your stretch, while reaching for your toes. A solid stretch reduces stress, relaxes tight muscles and promotes the flow of blood through the body, therefore keeping you nice and warm!’ You can read the rest of Bree’s article here.

4. Get moving

We’ve said it before but nothing gets you warmer than exercise! Whether it be walking to get your coffee or taking the stairs up to your office – exercise will get the blood pumping and heat up your skin. It also gives you a rush of endorphins which will boost your mood, allowing you to rely less on those sugary foods to do the job for you later.

5. Snuggle up

Of course, heaters do the trick but investing in thick bed-socks, water bottles and blankets will leave you feeling better than around the clock hot air drying out your eyes and skin. 


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