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Meet Georgie Castle of Citizen Cacao

Meet the beautiful, energetic and super-friendly Georgie Castle the creative mind behind Citizen Cacao. When we first met Georgie it wasn’t just her love and enthusiasm for creating delicious cacao treats that excited us, it was her dedication and passion for creating a unique product that would make you smile, feel good

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26 things – Georgie Castle

26 things – Georgie Castle of Citizen Cacao 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? BREATHE. 2. 6 things that make you smile? Kids. Airplanes. Chocolate. Coffee. No signal/no battery on my Phone. The ocean. 3. I love to cook…with others. over a fire. any shape of vegetable.

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Make your own chocolate this Easter, it’s easy!

Don’t feel like a sugar hangover this Easter? No worries, making your own chocolate (minus the processed junk) is super easy, and using raw cacao powder makes it great for your health as well.

Warm Chocolate Chai – Recipe by Chai Walli

Ingredients: Bourbon (Maker’s Mark recommended) Mozart Chocolate Bitters or Dark Chocolate Liquid Chai (refer to Chai recipe – below)