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Yoga Wear For The Wild Yogi – 213 Apparel

Throw together a smile tank with maximum print leggings and coloured Ts and you have the perfect 213 apparel  look, guaranteed to make you happy! The gorgeous duo Charlotte and Sammy from 213 Apparel share their design influences behind the recent collection  ‘The Happiness Revolution’. An eclectic range that gives

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Meet Local Love – Emma Barr Founder Of Yogi.Peace.Club

One of the greatest feelings is in the world is being able to turn what you love into a thriving business, Emma Barr is one of the lucky ones. Her love of the beach, yoga, travel and fashion inspired her to start Yogi.Peace.Club. Here she tells us what led her

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Design Insights with Yogi Peace Club

We’ve fallen in love with Yogi.Peace.Club. Lux eco yoga mats and funky yoga tops, inspired by the ocean, travel, colour and yoga. Founder & Designer Emma Barr shares her design inspiration and process.