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Post Christmas Smoothie

Originally published December 26, 2014 We hope you had a wonderful Holiday feast yesterday!   How are you feeling today? A little tired, a little lethargic and unmotivated? Why not start your day off with a delicious, super-friendly cleansing smoothie for the body,

How To Make Our Ultimate Detox Smoothie

If you want young skin and less toxins in your body, you have to eat right. No laxative tea or L’Oreal cream will fix you. You need to eat dense multi-vitamins that nourish your liver.

Two Unconventional Changes That Will Make You Healthier

Today I’m hitting you from a different angle. Instead of solely talking about how and what you eat, I’m giving you two unconventional changes you can – and should – make to become healthier!

11 Tips To Nourish Your Body This Year

Avoid Processed Junk Food (Eat Real Whole Foods Instead) The rise of processed junk foods in our diets is making us fatter and sicker than ever before. These foods have been manufactured (via their salt, fat and sugar content) to leave us wanting more and even addicted (for some people).

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How To Detox Naturally- No Shakes, No Potions, No Pills…

Spring is a great time to detox. Here are my top tips on how to do so easily… Start your day with a glass of warm water and a big squeeze of lemon to help flush out unwanted toxins. Or you can try lemon essential oil in hot water if

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Fighting Fit Green Salad – With Citrus Dressing

Ingredients for your bowl of Green Goodness:

Cleanse Journal: Green Press Apprentice Juice Cleanse

Earlier this month, together with our Local Love Green Press,  we invited Heidi to take on their 3-day juice cleanse and to keep track of every thought and feeling in her personal Cleanse Journal… Here Heidi shares her ups and downs of the Green Press Apprentice Juice Cleanse: I have to

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What 12 Months Of Beauty Detox Has Taught Me

I always believe that you gain something valuable out of the worst situation. So back around twelve months ago, I fell sick unexpectedly which wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. However, that has prompted me to go through all my personal care products and carefully look into what chemicals I was

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How To Detox The Mind In Winter

How to detox the mind in winter? When the days are getting shorter and the nights colder. It’s very tempting to hibernate curling up in a ball under your doona, sleeping in late and eating heavy comforting foods and feeling sorry for yourself once spring rolls around. Don’t let the

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