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26 things – Nic Davidson of Matcha Maiden

26 things about Nic Davidson 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?   Best advice I received was from a mentor in my first startup when I was 21, it was “don’t worry about what your competition is doing, worry about what you’re doing” – I still think

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26 things – Hugh Lee

26 things about Hugh Lee 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? To love yourself unconditionally 2. 6 things that make you smile? 1) My wife 2) My wife’s smile and laughter 3) Quality time spent with my wife 4) a hug 5) staying in a long Yin

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Meet Local Love – Hugh Lee

Meet Local Love – Yin Yoga teacher Hugh Lee, his journey to wellness is both honest and inspiring, Here he shares his intimate struggle with mental health and tells of the power of his yoga and meditation practice and why he chooses to fuse Chinese medicine, personal development and the philosophy of

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Meet Kerry & Jeff – Owners of Hunters Roots

Hunters Roots is a delightful eatery filled with fresh juices, exotic tea blends, Superfood salads, tasty smoothies and yummy treats. We’re so excited to welcome owners Kerry and Jeffrey to our Twosixmag community.

26 things – Steph Prem

26 things about Steph Prem – Five-time Australian champion and Winter Olympian & Founder of Studio PP. 

Local Love – Yoga Hub Melbourne

Meet our Local Love Lauren Jeffreys, founder of community organisation Yoga Hub Melbourne. Believing that yoga should be accessible to anybody, Lauren has created a wonderful assembly of yoga teachers who offer low-cost and donation classes across Victoria. We are so excited to welcome Lauren and her Yoga Hub Melbourne team to

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Meet Rowie Geraerts- Yoga Teacher & Life Enthusiast

Meet teacher and enthusiast of all things yoga, Rowie Geraerts-  A local Yogi who is more than pleased to share her thoughts on why we should all be hitting our mats, every day! Her passion and smile are contagious and her classes are simply incredible!