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To Workout or to Not Workout?

“I’ll go tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “It’s too cold”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ll train twice as hard next time”…. Sound familiar?

Top 6 Foods To Eat Before Your Workout

I’m not sure about you but my energy level in the gym is heavily influenced by my last meal. If I exercise before eating anything, I run out of steam quickly. 20 minutes in my mind is searching for energy sources, convincing me that we’re going to have to leave

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Squeezing Some Exercise In Between Sun!

Love a lazy holiday as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong. But what I don’t love is returning home from an amazing getaway feeling sluggish and unhealthy. It is so important to remain active while on holidays! And I don’t mean spending hours running on the treadmill, don’t

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Autumn Health And Fitness

We are now into the second month of Autumn and the chill has definitely set in. Brightly coloured leaves fall from the trees, signalling the change in season and covering the earth with natures red and orange blanket. The colder temperatures and darker evenings can lead to the temptations of

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Grab a friend and workout!

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, working out is only half as painful with a friend. Not only that, but it can also be TWICE as fun! When we articulate our personal goals and aims to others, it assists us in fulfilling the promises that we make to ourselves

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How to do a Plank- the right way!

There is a fine and somewhat hilarious art to planking, we wont deny that! But the planking we’re talking about is the one that will build a strong core, give you amazing inner strength and create stability and balance to help you stand tall and prevent you from injury. The simple steps to a

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