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June 23, 2016

RBT Luxury Retreat | My results & experience

I just finished my first ever 6 nights and 7 day’s fitness retreat in beautiful Bali with the crew from RBT. Result Based Training are transformation gyms, located across Australia, UK and USA. RBT Gyms are exclusively body transformation centres where personal trainers are experts in helping males and females transform their bodies in record times. Tailoring diets specifically to the individual client, whilst educating them on how to eat the most food possible whilst losing weight.

A typical day at RBT fitness retreats consist of sunrise yoga, weigh in, black coffee (which was allowed in our macros!) weight session, breakfast, pool time, cooking classes, lunch, seminar, afternoon met-con session, dinner, massage and meditation to finish off the day. The retreat was something that came at the right time for me. I live a pretty active life + eat really well but don’t get me wrong I slip up, so heading to the retreat I knew would help with motivation and getting my butt kicked. RBT’S training style is built around strength based training to create those killer toned muscles, mixed with a little HIIT to keep you nice and sweaty although the Bali humanity helped with this a lot! I have always been terrified of lifting weights as a woman I feel like we all worry about bulking up. At the retreat, I was educated why this is not the case. The week I was at the retreat I also helped a back injury I have had for a while now. The boys taught me technique and form. They were so helpful + guess what I didn’t bulk up! I actually came back tighter + leaner and feel amazing.

Like most woman I have tried every diet under the sun low carb, diet pills, Atkins, juice cleaners the works! I think I have spent the majority of my life obsessing over food, depriving my body of nutrients + let’s be honest have probably screwed up my metabolism.

At the retreat, the staff taught us about having a healthy relationship with food. RBT don’t believe in heavy calorie restrictions or limiting certain foods that lead to bingeing. Instead we learnt more about MACROS which is something I didn’t really know that much about + have come back home putting all my learnings into place.

Throughout the week we had 4 seminars which included Mindset, Nutrition, Training and Stubborn Fat. To best honest I am a self-taught health freak I thought I knew it all but I was so wrong. I learnt so much about all four topics. I walked away from each seminar inspired and ready to take on what I learnt. Below is a little more info on what’s included at the retreat.

  • Daily massages to finish your day rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • 5-star villa luxury where you get to spend some down time by the pool
  • 2 Beach Fitness Sessions to increase your cardio health and increase fat loss
  • 4 Education Sessions to arm you with the knowledge to help you lose body fat and achieve your dream body.
  • Optional surfing or Snorkelling session.
  • 4 cooking lessons over the week to teach you how to make quick health meals that taste good so that you are ready to sustain your new found flecibitly and delicious meals at home.

Living your life obsessed with weight and food is so exhausting and isolating. Since coming back to my real life post the retreat I have found so much joy into meal planning, lifting and just being more mindful with my day to day activities. What the RBT retreat reminded me was to develop a healthy relationship with food and my body which sometimes gets forgotten due to my busy life. I finished up the 7 days with losing 2 kgs + 1% body fat. I feel strong, educated and inspired.


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