The Simple Things

June 24, 2015

There’s a heavy reliance these days on external gratification. A seeking for things outside of ourselves to make us happy, fulfilled and provide meaning. Something we aren’t naturally taught is to fill our own system with the simple pleasures, often seeing them as insignificant and unfit for the job.

Think about it. When we venture off for a weekend retreat we eat delicious food and drink great wine. We indulge in massages and beautiful walks in nature, snuggle up on the couch with candles alight, watch old-school movies or talk about a whole-lot of everything. This taps into the senses, filling each one with such simple beauty and care for ourselves, leaving a feeling of being hugged on the inside. So what’s the difference when we come back into our lives at home? Yes ok there’s washing, dishes, cooking dinner and work but when did these become despised tasks for you? Your home is your nest with an opportunity to create a little sanctuary, a cave if you will, to fill with beautiful moments, creating memories.

Winter serves us a great opportunity to bring fun and fulfilment back home. See it as a way to create a beautiful space within your home adding your personal touches and flare, showcasing an extension of who you are. Fill your own space first, that’s where true happiness resides and can grow from. Ignite your senses with the simple pleasures and remember that you have the ability and power to maintain and super-seed your mental, psychical and emotional well-being.

Here’s some ideas to bring into the home for Winter:

Hold a Dinner Party.

Create a table setting that will be remembered. I once went to a dinner party where the host added a little surprise by randomly placing a quote and word under each plate, with each guest sharing the thoughts that came to mind. This instantly had the table sharing beautiful and funny stories.

Poker or Cards Night.

If your partner can’t stand you having all your mates over for a poker night or playing cards, explain what it actually means to you. The game is merely a vehicle for you all to connect, hang-out and be larrikins. A chance to let out a different part of you.

Movie Marathon.
Bring out the pop-corn, chocolate, wine, tissues and big woollen blankets. It’s time to get the best-of-the-best peeps over with the finest collection of your favourite movies. Laugh, cry and laugh some more. At some point, take a glance in the room and be grateful for the space you created with your best-buds.

Beautiful Light.

Bring that gorgeous warm light in and burn tea-light candles around your home. Put one in each room and just allow that light to do its beautiful thing. Play your favourite music and rest as you allow yourself to be immersed in pleasuring your senses.

Colour In.

Have your bedsheets white, bright and colourful. Climbing into a bed that is hugging you for the next 6 – 8 hours, it’s worth going to some special effort for yourself.

You know, the simple things are always there, ready to show themselves and be there for you. Take a stance for yourself to check-in and see how you can meet the needs for you. Nurture the desires of yourself. You are worthy of your own love.


Article by Kat John

Kat John has been a Registered Nurse since 2007 working alongside the medical profession. A Melbourne based Intuitive Mentor since 2013, Kat will also complete her Graduate Diploma in Psychology in 2015. My purpose is to bring together the mind and heart, thoughts and action, intuition and trust. Through rebuilding this within people, they soon realise their potential through the story of their own life.’

I: kat.john

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