What Does Your Body Need to be Able to Repair and Thrive?

September 9, 2016

In my experience and in my studies, I have learned that the body is super intelligent. I believe we just don’t give it the environment it needs to do its thing. But when you do, you are giving it the best chance to recover. This is often when unexplained recovery can occur. The right environment is not just one thing in isolation.


Getting back to eating real whole foods is one of the best ways to nourish the mitochondria and maximise brain and gut health. Its just common sense really?

Eliminate Logical Things like…

  • Processed Food
  • Too much sugar
  • potential food allergies like gluten, dairy, and wheat

Don’t just focus on what to eliminate also look at what to increase…

  • Green leafy foods
  • colourful fruits and vegetables
  • clean and ethical sourced protein
  • good fats ( like avocado, olive oil)

Read this to understand what mitochondria is….Dr Terry Wahls mitochondria research


I was so inspired by Dr. Terry Wahls when I came across her mitochondria research in 2010.She taught me that it is not only just about what to eliminate from your diet, it is also about what to up. I had the opportunity to thank her face to face for her great work in 2013 in Iowa USA and it was the second best day I’ve had next to walking again in 2009. Getting back to eating great quality wholefoods with great results later inspired me to start Nourissh, to help make eating better more convenient for time poor such as new mums and dad’s and corporates or people living with a disability, that I was inspired by in my practice, because when you eat better you feel better too. Emotionally and physically.

The right environment is also the mind: 

You can be eating the right food, exercising. But you may have a toxic mind, unprocessed life events or traumas you have not let go of and processed. They become triggers for you and create stress in the body. The other way to provide your body with the right environment it needs to repair and thrive is by addressing what your ideas are about the world around you and yourself.

We create ideas about ourselves, our abilities and the world around us…For example, if you start your day feeling like nothing ever works out for you, not only will you only see a world that mirrors that. It will dictate what you attract into your life, how happy you are. Yes and you guessed it, how stressed out your body is on the inside. I call this survival mode. When we feel threatened, sad, fear or angry, a biochemical reaction occurs in the body. We tend to express selfish behaviour as we are not content, feeling lack in our lives defaulting to protection mode.

Transform the body and the mind into a safe mode: 

Kinesiology is a fantastic way to unravel this for you. If we can identify what our limiting beliefs are we can then work out which ones do not serve us anymore and why. This is often the missing link in western medicine. I take a balanced approach in my health program, utilising all that western medicine has to offer whilst combining it with complimentary medicine. Once I addressed my nutrition on top of that for me, my results became most profound. It just makes sense doesn’t it? We are all so different one thing doesn’t work for the other and the reason one person is experiencing illness will be different to how another person got there.



Article by Amanda Campbell 

In 2009, Amanda Campbell suffered a major MS attack that left her paralysed. She was given a 50% chance of ever walking again. Determined to prove the doctors wrong, she took herself on a road to recovery through healthy eating and kinesiology. Within six weeks, she stunned everyone by not only walking, but running! Amanda is a qualified Sports Kinesiologist – who founded Bend Like Bamboo her private practice in Prahran in 2014 and Nourissh.com in 2015 an exciting new business that delivers fresh gluten and preservative free ready-made meals into the homes of Melbourne. 


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