What is meditation? – Includes a 10min Meditation for you to do anywhere!

April 16, 2018

What is Meditation?

I think this is a good question to ask. There are a lot of people practicing and talking about meditation. It’s something a lot of us feel we should be doing, but what exactly is it? My thoughts on this is that meditation is a great way to directly experience the core meaning of yoga – conscious union with the infinite. But what is the Infinite? One way to explore this is that we are all aware, or conscious. And we are all aware of something, it could be something we’re looking at, a feeling in the body, a thought pattern arising, an emotion etc. All of these experiences are arising in our awareness, much like a cloud moving across the infinite sky of our mind. Meditation is to rest into the awareness that’s doing the observing, or to come back to the sky analogy, to become aware of the infinite sky of mind that is our essential nature.

The reason why we meditate is that typically we are caught up in or velcro’d to the experiences that are arising. This shows up as suffering. Through meditation we gain some perspective, we will still have challenging thoughts and feelings, however, the suffering around these experiences is lessened. Also when we sense into this deeper part of ourselves, (the infinite sky of mind) the feeling of this is spacious, easeful, much like the feeling of love!


Would love for you to join me here for a 10-minute meditation.

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