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October 27, 2014

If you haven’t noticed we are currently in the age of YOGA! This wonderful practice is front and centre with studios, schools of yoga and individual teachers popping up everywhere teaching a vast array of styles including some very groovy hybrid combinations. The Yoga evolution in the west has created a wonderful realm where the practice has become accessible to everyone. The typical “Yogi” persona has completely changed and you now have options as a student, and once you find which of the various styles or studios best suit your needs, you can begin to grow your practise.


Our first studio spotlight is on Rise Yoga studio, a hip-urban hot yoga studio in Richmond, Melbourne. 


Local Love and Twosixmag contributor Rosie McCaughey tells us a little about her studio:

Rise Yoga opened just under 3 months ago, and was born of a long held desire to run my own studio, where I could passionately make a difference to others including teachers, students, yogis and non-yogis. Yoga has had such a powerful effect on my mindset and my thought processes that I didn’t want to be held back from sharing this with others. I had also reached a point where I felt there was a real lack of connection and authenticity with other studios and I began to feel like a number not a person with a connection to the other students or teachers. Sadly, I do feel this is the case with a lot of fad yoga trends and the big new studios. After my own experiences, I wanted to do the opposite! My studio space would be an intimate, caring community space where students and teachers knew each other and felt safe to be vulnerable.

Rosie, you mentioned how important it was to have wonderful and admired teachers on staff, were there any other non-negotiable elements when planning to open Rise Yoga?

Definitely the right staff, teachers that really care about the difference they make, the message they send out, and the safety of their instruction. I made a decision to hire only experienced staff; but to make way for less experienced teachers through offering mentoring, to help give back to the teaching community. I am also passionate about the environment – and have spent much time and effort making sure the studio is as sustainable as possible; from the heating, to the lighting, recycled timber,bamboo flooring, and that we support as many other local businesses as possible.

What feelings and experiences do you want students to gain from the space and their time at Rise Yoga?

I am passionate about providing an experience that sets my studio apart from other studios. My vision is that students leave class feeling uplifted, empowered, inspired, energised and with some new tools to tackle their day-to-day challenges. More importantly for my students to feel that they are part of something special,that they are connected to a caring and like-minded community.


Location: Level 1 – 232 Bridge Rd, Richmond

Class Styles: Hot, Power Flow, Core Power, Funky Flow, Peak Power, Meditation & Yin

Experience Level: All levels are welcome!




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