Yoga At Work? Here’s Why You Need To Start This New Trend

Are you guilty of sitting all day every day?  If your work environment is a never-ending ball of stress, then these gentle moves will make you feel more relaxed and eager to take on anything the work day brings.

Work Life Spotlight – Drink Less Mind Founder Georgia Foster

Meet Georgia Foster, the world celebrated hypnotherapist, top selling author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Whether you need to learn how to drink less alcohol, grow your self-esteem, quiet your mind and your life her workshops cater to anybody and everybody. We’re so excited to welcome Georgia to

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5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation, Look Better & Feel Younger

Acute (short-term) inflammation is actually incredibly important. It helps the body fight foreign invaders and plays a major role in repairing damage when you have an injury or infection. The problem comes with chronic (long-term) inflammation which plays a role in almost every chronic Western disease, including heart disease, cancer,

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4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve your Anxiety

Feeling a little anxious about that meeting? Noticing your stress levels rising just thinking about the presentation you have to give? When thoughts begin to overcrowd your mind and you feel yourself begin to worry or feel physical symptoms of anxiety, try turning to yoga for some relief.  

Lamb Souvlaki Bowl from Tiffiny Hall

Gluten Free | Egg Free | Nut Free 

Meet Local Love Tiffiny Hall

Meet our latest Local Love the super dynamic, charismatic and gorgeous Tiffany Hall. You may know her from her role in the revival of Gladiators, or her time on the Biggest Loser or Channel Tens The Living Room, you may have one of her eight published books, or wear her

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