Small Shifts Can Have A Big Impact

How are you feeling today? Do you feel alive, vibrant, ready to take on the world; or a bit sluggish and fatigued, perhaps wondering how you’re going to get through the day? 

6 Ingredient Chocolate Mint Balls

I am an insatiable grazer with an insatiable sweet tooth so I make bliss balls every week. I vary the recipe but my current go-to is choc mint. They give you that familiar flavour hit while adding to your health, rather than compromising it. Cocoa, you’d be surprised to know, is

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3 Breakfast Foods to Eat on the Go

We know what it’s like in today’s time-poor reality rushing to get everything done in the morning. From getting in that early workout or meditation to beating the rush on the way to work. The key to eating well in the morning is being prepared – we tend to prep either

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Paleo Pizza Bread

This bread has loads of flavour, if you close your eyes it’s just like you are eating pizza well almost!  I am loving seeing your Keep It Simple creations – keep them coming! This bread is super moist, so it is best to serve toasted. Can keep in the fridge for

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Why Jonni Pollard believes meditation in schools and the workplace is on the rise?

Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the workplace or school is endless deadlines, massive workloads and high-level stress. However, it seems mainstream schools and workplaces are starting to commit to changing these old ways by integrating mediation as apart of the curriculum and workplace culture. 

Local Love – Jarryd Burns Co-founder of Thankyou

Meet our latest Local Love Jarryd Burns the co-founder and Commercial Director at Thankyou. From a very young age, Jarryd has been both tremendously business-focused and passionate about making a powerful difference in this world. As a result, Jarryd jumped at the opportunity to be part of launching Thankyou Water

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