12 Small Steps To Improving Your Everyday

July 31, 2015

Two weeks ago I set a 30-day challenge for myself.

While healthy living is partially about embracing awesome food and regular movement, it’s also about making small changes to your routine that will bring more positivity and joy to your life.

Since starting The Whole Life a lot of my habits have changed, but I’ve never been able to nail everything on my to do list (and I never will). But! Some of the tasks I want to achieve are so simple and easy to accomplish that all I need to do to tick them off is put my mind to it.

From drinking more water, to getting 10 minutes of sunshine and upping my protein intake, I’m throwing the invite out there – if there’s a list of easy changes that you wish you could make every day, I challenge you to join me on my small but satisfying mission.

My hope is by the time the 30 days is up, each of these will have become part of my every day routine.

Worth noting – the goal isn’t to add more guilt to your life. I’m not keeping score of which tasks I complete each day, rather I’m refreshing the checklist each morning. I keep it open on my desktop so I can easily tick things off as they’re accomplished.

While I’ve only had four days where I’ve ticked every box – I’m certainly feeling the positivity and clarity that comes from achieving most of these little gems.

So what are my goals?

  1. Five minutes of meditation or prayer a day
  2. At least ten minutes of sunlight a day
  3. At least five minutes of stretching a day
  4. Eight glasses of water a day
  5. One bible verse a day
  6. In bed by 10.30pm each night
  7. At least two serves of protein a day
  8. One veggie-packed smoothie or juice a day
  9. Three sessions of exercise a week
  10. Five deep breaths at least once a day
  11. Do or say at least one nice thing for someone every day
  12. Embrace a happy, healthy, strong and confident attitude every day

I’d love to hear what small steps to better health you could be making, and what you’re doing to help yourself achieve these goals.




Article by Clementine Stuart-Russell 

Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Clementine started The Whole Life to share with others all the new, weird and wonderful things she’s learnt on the journey to living a happier, healthier life. Clementine believes living The Whole Life is a sum of parts; that is, looking after your body through movement and nourishing food, your mind through spirituality and positivity, and your surrounds through love, care and honesty. The Whole Life is a collection of recipes, lessons learnt, influences and opinions about the path to wellbeing. 

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