21 days of tongue scraping & why everyone needs to try it

April 24, 2017

What is Tounge Scrapping? 

Tongue scraping is a principle that developed from Ayurvedic medicine. Basically, when we sleep our bodies start to heal removing bacteria and toxins from the body. For our digestive system, this detoxification method is through the tongue. A layer of bacteria builds on the tongue. First thing in the morning most of us reach for a glass of water, tea or for the extremely fatigued a cup of coffee. But this just pushes the bacteria back down into the body creating a larger accumulation of toxins.

Tongue scraping removes the build-up of toxins in the body leaving the mouth feeling fresher and more hygienic. This Ayurvedic principle also has a myriad of unexpected health benefits including improved digestion and immune function, increased enjoyment and taste of food, decreased respiratory difficulties and increased overall mental health.

I have always been obsessed with cleaning my teeth, always hating anything that closely resembles a furry feeling in my mouth. Therefore, starting tongue scrapping wasn’t a hard decision for me at all, but I knew I had to give it 21 days before I could compare the differences and see any benefits. Here’s my experience and what I’ve noticed after the 3 weeks.

My 21-Day Experience…

Day 1-7: I think I was scrapping my tongue too hard at first because I got a few cuts on my tongue L. The amount and colour of the bacteria (either clear, yellow, white, or green) that accumulates is gross, even for someone who eats and lives a healthy lifestyle. I definitely noticed a cleaner, fresher feeling in my mouth after the first 5 days. Also I didn’t feel I needed to clean my teeth anywhere near as much.

Day 8-14: Breath freshness???…??…? I never did really notice I had bad breath and no lover to ask, but one week of tongue scraping down I am definitely noticing my mouth feeling more hygienic. Note to all, after a night out on red wine get ready for some seriously funky coloured junk to come off your tongue, yuk.

Day 15-21: Tongue scraping is now just a natural habit. I don’t have to remind myself to do it before I brush my teeth or drink water. Whilst I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in my digestion, immune or respiratory function I definitely feel that my mouth is a lot cleaner, teeth whiter and metal wellbeing happier as I know I am clearing unwanted toxins out of my body.


A few little tips for those of you considering taking up tongue scraping:

-5-7 rounds of tongue scrapes is all you need.

-Don’t try to start at the very back of the tongue straight away unless you want to vomit all over your tongue scrapper. Start in the middle and build up to the back of the tongue slowly.

-Keep your tongue scraper in the bathroom where you will see it in the morning. At 6am you may need the most obvious reminder to keep up your tongue scraping practices.

-Commit to the routine for 14-21days. Not only will you notice more benefits but it will become like second nature.



Article by Lauren Roberts

As a yoga instructor and someone who is passionate about health and wellbeing, Lauren is happily blogging about the things in life she loves. Through her creative writing, she aims to help people nourish and care for their body and mind. A true foodie at heart Lauren is often found at the latest cafe hot spots critiquing the food, or in the kitchen creating a new recipe.

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