5 tips for a healthy and delicious Christmas

December 19, 2018

‘Tis the season for parties, festive recipes, and often yummy celebratory cocktails. Christmas is also the season when many of us overindulge – and when January comes around, we’re riddled with regret. Well, not this year! Here are our top tips for eating well so you can have your Christmas pudding and eat it too.


Put salad on the menu

If your family loves a Christmas roast, go easy on the potatoes and carb heavy trimmings and load up on salad and green veg.

We suggest making a few salads for the table so you know there are healthy and yummy options to choose from. Try a KIC salad, but remember to increase the quantities so there’s enough to go around.

Sneak in a workout

One of the best ways to enjoy Christmas parties guilt-free is to work out in the morning or before getting ready. It’ll rev you up so you have energy and stamina to party through the night.

Also, if you’re away over Christmas, take KIC with you – we designed it to be holiday friendly.

Enjoy a healthy day

If you’re going to a party where the canapés will be too good to ignore, just make sure you have a super healthy day in the lead-up. Also, try and eat something filling and nutritious before you go so you don’t overeat.    

Be cuisine choosy  

When you’re choosing a restaurant for your annual Christmas dinner with the girls, try and choose a cuisine with healthy options. We suggest Vietnamese (rice paper rolls and pho with extra veg!), Japanese (can you ever have too much sashimi?) or Mexican (bowls are the best).

Drink Responsibly

Well, it’s no secret alcohol isn’t amazing for us. A few too many vinos can undo all your hard work. But we get it, it’s party season – so just be mindful of your alcohol intake. Try and avoid cocktails and have a vodka soda with fresh lime instead (it has way less sugar).



Article by Laura Henshaw, co-founder of kicgirls.com

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