21 days of tongue scraping & why everyone needs to try it

What is Tounge Scrapping?  Tongue scraping is a principle that developed from Ayurvedic medicine. Basically, when we sleep our bodies start to heal removing bacteria and toxins from the body. For our digestive system, this detoxification method is through the tongue. A layer of bacteria builds on the tongue. First

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8 Self-Love Habits to Overcome Stress

There’s nothing worse than stress getting the better of you. The endless list of things to do always seems to leave your own needs last and evokes a war zone between your mind and body. The numerous work deadlines, career dilemmas, and personal commitments generate a tolerance for migraines, bitten

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How to read on purpose to maximise your learning?

To get straight to the point, I believe we read for two key reasons one being for pleasure, the other being to learn. This post is solely concerned with the later reason, therefore, offers simple and effective ways for how to read on purpose to maximise your learning.

Things You Might Not Know About Your Health

Health trends come and go as we are constantly bombarded by information from new studies about what’s good and what’s bad for our bodies. Sometimes, the facts can contradict each other and be misleading. Here, Health and Fitness Travel, Australia’s experts in tailor-made healthy holidays, compiled a list of useful

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Back To Nature Yoga: Taking Your Om Outdoors 

Originally published October 21 2016 Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll probably know that a number of yoga positions (asanas) are inspired by the nature around us: tree, lotus, cobra, firefly, dog, the list goes on… So why not take your practice into nature and delve

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7 Practical Fitness Tips While On Holiday

Originally Published August 22, 2016 Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean lounging by the beach all day and watching all of your hard training back at home go to waste. While it’s tempting to slack off and laze around, there are easy and practical ways you could keep fit on

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Blissful Baths for Your Every Mood

Aromatherapy baths are a fantastic way to unwind at the end of a long day…

Easy ‘Good Morning’ Habits For All-Day Energy

Always feeling tired the moment you wake up and unable to resist crawling back to bed? We all have those days when even a morsel of energy seems impossible. Good news is that by switching up your daily morning routines, getting a natural energy fix can be really easy. Health

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For the greater good: Apps that make a difference

Today we rely on our phones for just about everything. It’s addictive really, from counting calories and Snapchat, to finding inspiration and even love. But we’re trying to imagine a world where our Smartphones are less of a distraction or a source of guilt and more of a tool that

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Why Solo Travel Should Be On Your Bucket List

The thought of going on a solo trip can be a daunting prospect. From leaving your responsibilities at home or work, to worrying about safety, clothes to wear and to the fear of being lonely, anxiety could build up and stop you from actually doing it. To ease you into

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