26 things – Amanda Campbell

August 18, 2016

26 things about Amanda Campbell Of Nourissh & Bend Like Bamboo…


  1. Childhood nickname… Mands
  2. What makes you smile? Henry my pug
  3. The last thing I bought from a market is… Organic fruit
  4. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning? Walk with my dogs around the tan or go to the park
  5. Avocado makes me…Satiated
  6. If I could turn back time…I would have channeled my energy and focused on all the things I wanted in my life rather than focusing on how scared I was, procrastinating or wasting energy on all the reasons I could not do what I wanted.
  7. Last book I read… What to do when it’s your turn by Seth Godin
  8. Saturday night out or Saturday night in? Both
  9. Happiness is…. What you define it to be. For me, it is being healthy, and living a life of balance doing all the things that light me up daily.
  10. What makes me laugh…. Playing with Henry, being silly with my girls at a spontaneous outing. Bad jokes, banter.
  11. Favorite Disney character? Mickey Mouse
  12. I like my coffee with… Coconut milk (heated).
  13. Favourite Instagrammer at the moment…. @inspiralized : she turns vegetables into noodles !
  14. Where do you go to relax? Rainforest or ocean
  15. If I were a vegetable I would be… spaghetti squash
  16. Who do you want to be when you grow up?  I would love to be doing exactly what I am doing now, but travelling globally spreading my message that transformation and renewal is possible. I look forward to balancing this with building a family of my own.
  17. Take me to…. Europe!
  18. Strange Indulgence? When I use to still eat ice cream I used to stick my choc top in my popcorn and eat it?
  19. Last movie you watched… Central Intelligence with my 11-year-old nephew
  20. Favorite Brunch spot… Smak in South Yarra
  21. Don’t mess with me when… I have just woken up how I start my day is so important
  22. The best gift you’ve ever given?
    The gift of being able to walk again.
  23. I just learnt….
    That you allow yourself to not be attached to the outcome.
  24. Three words to describe you? Passionate, healer, seeker.
  25. Funniest Person in my life…
    My twin has a pretty dry sense of humour
  26. Tomorrow I will…Do it all over again. Be the light.



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