The Mind When Housed Within a Healthful Body Possesses a Glorious Sense of Power

January 5, 2019

When the word relationship is presented in front of us we often think about the external relationships in our life, boyfriend, girlfriend, work, friends, brothers, and sisters. But, how often do you think about your relationship with yourself?

What does that even mean and how can Pilates improve ones own relationship with yourself?

Pilates requires a deep level of concentration and connection between the mind and body. Practicing Pilates develops the body, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. It is only recent that society and the entire medical/health industry are starting to see the importance in connecting the mind and body in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life. The more we realize this connection is key to improving our quality of life, the better our relationship with our self will become.

One of the first things you might observe in taking a Pilates class is the focus on breathing. To BREATHE is one of the most simple and natural acts…well one might think! How often do you actually think about breathing?

Through the Pilates exercises there is a strong emphasis on keeping the flow of breath and using the breath to assist or challenge the movements. Through this constant use of breath it starts to unravel a list of benefits for the relationship within our self. Breathing increases oxygen to the brain, assists activation of your deep core stabilizers, improves the quality of the blood, aids digestion, strengthens the lungs, and most of all calms the mind and can relieve emotional stress or body tension.

WOW …That’s a huge list of internal benefits all just from learning deep breathing and breathing through movement.

Imagine if we all started working on simply learning different breathing techniques we could instantly start to improve the relationship between our mind-body and our internal well-being.

Improving your relationship with yourself doesn’t mean we need loads of time every day trying to work on our so called flaws but instead, if we try spending time getting to know how our mind-body functions through movement we can then learn so much about the relationship going on right underneath our own skin.

Pilates improves this relationship by exploring the body’s strength, flow of movement, control and flexibility. While at the same time it tests the mind’s capability to concentrate and commit to the exercises at hand. This creates a great challenge on the coordination between the mind and body! Through this challenge outside ones comfort zone we can start to develop the body and mind further than we once thought possible.

The mind when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power! Through practicing Pilates we can achieve this power. In this article these are just some of the internal benefits that will come from this amazing form of exercise. To learn even more why not try Pilates for yourself.


Article by Sara Colquhoun

One of the most accomplished Pilates instructors for her age, Sara Colquhoun has been training in Pilates since the age of 14, and teaching since the age of 17, her clients include elite AFL players and Australian Ballet dancers. Sara’s background as a performing artist in dance – attending The Victorian College of the Arts after moving from Sydney at the age of 18 – led her to the natural progression of becoming an instructor.

Sara’s highlight in her career to date is the recent accolade of winning the international competition to become the next Pilates Anytime instructor. She is one of the youngest instructors to join such an elite group of trainers on the site with direct lineage from founder of the movement, Joseph Pilates. Pilates Anytime is a global platform that has viewers from all around the world who will be watching and performing Sara’s classes.

In 2016, she’s booked to present her signature Pilates workshops to the Pilates community Australia wide.  She has big plans for bringing knowledge of body awareness, general health, well-being and an education of Pilates, along with communicating the benefits it has across all aspects of functional movement to everyday life.

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