26 things – Laura Anderson of The FüD Revolution

December 3, 2015

26 things about Laura Anderson Co-Founder of The FüD Revolution – Healthy Vending Machines


1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It simply blooms.”

2. 6 things that make you smile?

  •  My doggies.
  • Cute animals doing funny stuff!
  • My boyf, Dane. He so handsome and funny and stuff.
  • My best friend’s two little kids when they put on dance shows for me!
  • Sunshine.
  • Seeing people doing great things!

3. I love to cook…Vegan parmas!!

4. A proud moment in my life was when…When I graduated with my Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology – I felt so      smart!

5. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

Sleep in and then walk the dogs down to my local café and grab a coffee before relishing in organising all my things for the week ahead!

6. Best meal you’ve ever had…

People don’t believe me about this one, but Dane treated me to a 6 course degustation at Cutler & Co for my birthday one year and one of the courses was tomatoes 5-ways… Ohh man, I never knew tomatoes could taste SO GOOD. This meal was years ago, and we still talk about it regularly to this day!!

7. Favorite subject in school?

All of them! I loved school – I was such a nerd! English, Art and Biology were probably my favourites

8. I can’t stop listening to…Cheesy 90’s poop music, It’s my Achilles heel.

9. Saturday night out or Saturday night in?

In. Always. Couch, wine and chats is my perfect night

10. Success means…Having something exciting to be working towards. I love the feeling of working toward something, rather than actually having that thing, because you always think of the next big thing you want to achieve! The journey is definitely the funnest bit! The day I run out of things to work towards will be a very sad day in the world of Laura.

11. 2 things that make me cry…

Anything to do with animals – sad stories, happy stories, anything fur- related.. Those little critters get me choked up every time! Seeing other people cry also makes me cry sympathy tears.

12. What is normal?

Uuummmm, not me!

13. Vegemite makes me want to?

Eat 722 slices of toast smothered in it!

14. I can’t live without my…

Trackies. They are my second skin.

15. Seinfeld or Friends?

Friends. I heart Chandler.

16. Where do you go to relax?

Beach! I am like a cold-blooded lizard who is happiest laying on a hot rock in the sun!

17. If you were a vegetable you would be a…Sweet potato. Stoic, fun, and a little bit lumpy.

18. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Do I have to grow up??

19. I’ll have a one-way ticket to…

Africa to live with the Maasai Warriors

20. What did you eat last night?

Vegetable curry! Yummy!

21. Last movie you watched…I’m not even embarrassed to say that I had a rom-com fest on the weekend and watched 3 different Ashton Kutcher movies. Killers was last on the list.

22. Favorite market place is…Turkish Spice Market. Hands down, the best market in the whole world!

23. Don’t mess with me when…En route to my bed. A sleepy Laura is a grumpy Laura.

24. 6 things I love about Melbourne

  • Best coffee in the world.
  • Awesome local designers.
  • Alleyways.
  • Beautiful architecture.
  • Cool graffiti.
  • Riding along the river.

25. I just learnt…That there is such a thing as vegan marshmallows. Hallelujah!

26. One word to describe you?



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