26 Things – Natasha Mac Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

March 4, 2016

26 things about Natasha Mac – Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Everything happens for a reason! Even if you can’t see it at the time, the divine has a plan for you, and it’s all necessary to go through even the hard times to get to the next level. So trust the universe and your own gut feelings.

2. 6 things that make you smile?

  1. My kids
  2. The sun glistening on the ocean
  3. My fat Funny Punjabi feet
  4. All nature
  5. Dancing
  6. When I fully let go and open my heart

3. I love to cook… Actually, I’m bored of cooking, I like to make interesting salads and smoothies

4. A proud moment in my life was when… I opened Nattis Naturals health food shop and organic cafe.

5. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

 Go to the beach.

6. Best meal you’ve ever had…It was a selection of fish with champagne in Paris! Some raw some gently steamed with a delicious marinade.

7. Favorite subject in school?


8. I can’t stop listening to… Soul Avenue featuring Shaheen Sheik. By Ravin & David Vishan, and Buddha bar X111

9. Saturday night out or Saturday night in?

Saturday night in at Nattis Naturals chilling eating healthy food and listening to cool chill out music

10. Success means…

 Achieving your own personal goals

11. 2 things that make me cry…

  1. War and killing innocent people
  2. When a family Member is unhappy

12. What is normal?

Me! Crazy me! I’m normal!!!

13. Vegemite makes me want to?

 Sing and dance

14. I can’t live without my… Earl grey tea with soya milk and vegemite on  toast

15. Seinfeld or Friends?


16. Where do you go to relax?

The Ayurvedic spa here in Goa oily massage, steam and chilling by the pool

17. If you were a vegetable you would be a… Asparagus

18. Who do you want to be when you grow up?

 A professional “pool lounge” with cocktails

19. I’ll have a one-way ticket to…

 South America, with a camper van and a driver and a friend !!!

20. What did you eat last night?


21. Last movie you watched… ‘Weekend’

22. My favourite marketplace is… Ojai farmers Market in Ojai California

23. Don’t mess with me when… EVER I’m badass !!!!!

24. 6 things I love about India

  1. The colours
  2. The smell of hot chapatis
  3. The chaos
  4. The old architecture
  5. The sari’s and material you buy in the markets
  6. The cows

25. I just learnt… To overcome huge old past fear of surfing!! I’m gonna be a Pro again!

26. One word to describe you?

Sensitive !!

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