26 things – Rosie McCaughey

November 11, 2014

26 things you need to know about our friend Rosie McCaughey – Physiotherapist, Pilates & Yoga teacher

1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?  Not to take life so seriously!

2. 6 things that make you smile?

Possibility! Yoga teaches me that anything is possible and I love this! My Partner Paul, always makes me laugh!

Seeing my class in Shavasana where everyone is at peace for a few minutes of the day! A coffee in the morning!

Sunshine and the wind in my hair and face! Seeing someone else smile or laugh without reservation, its heartwarming and uplifting!

3. I love to cook…Roast veggies in a little bit of coconut oil and loads of Himalayan salt!

4. A proud moment in my life was when…I conquered my body image fears by competing in a bikini competition earlier this year, so scary but important in my journey to become a positive role model for other women, learning that we are all perfect as we are J

5. Favourite thing to do on a Sunday? Run, coffee, breakfast with Paul!

6. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A doctor or health professional

7. Favourite subject in school? Sports science and cooking!

8. I can’t stop listening to… Ludovici Einadu, soothing classical tunes!

9. Saturday night out or Saturday night in?

Both! Maybe out early for a glass of good red wine, a nice vegetarian meal and then a good movie on the couch!

10. Success means…. Being able to inspire and empower others to live their best life!

11. 2 things that make me cry… When people lack the confidence to do what makes them happy, as this has been something I have personally struggled with throughout life. When people don’t believe in their own worth!

12. What is normal? Normal doesn’t exist!

13. Vegemite makes me want to? Eat toast! (and I don’t eat bread!)

14. I can’t live without…yoga practice!! When I miss a day, I know I am less centred, grounded and ready to face whatever the day throws at me!

15. Who i need…My friend Liv…Is the best because… she understands my personality!

16. Where do you go to relax? For a run or walk or yoga practice in the botanical gardens.

17. If I were a vegetable I would be a… Beetroot! Matches my colouring and packs a punch.

18. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Right here, but with a gaggle of geese (children) under my wings!

19. I’ll have a one way ticket to… to meet Baron Baptiste who runs a Power Vinyasa course in Sedona, February this year!

20. What did you eat last night? Tapas!

21. I wish…There were more hours in the day so I could do everything I want, but still get a good nights sleep and approach each day with a rested body and mind!

22. Favourite market place is… Prahran Markets – Ripe Organics!

23. Don’t mess with me when… I’m tired!

24. 6 things I love about Melbourne: Café Culture, beautiful botanical gardens, feeling safe and secure in an amazing city, summer weather, the BEST coffee, amazing yoga and wellness community!

25. I just learnt… To enjoy the journey… we always look to be somewhere else – to attain the next goal to be happy… but when we reach there, there is no “there,” there! Enjoy the Journey!

26. One word to describe you? Effervescent!


Why not try one of Rosie’s amazing classes! Head over to the Rise Yoga site now to book in.


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