26 things – Tully Lou

August 26, 2015

26 things about Tully Lou – Designer, Yoga teacher, Health & Wellness Writer


1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?

I was told to say ‘yes’ to every job opportunity that comes my way — and then put in the work to make sure it’s done right!

2. 6 things that make you smile?

  • My family
  • Friends
  • Seeing ladies in the street in my brand TULLY LOU
  • Little children
  • Anyone who is following their dreams
  • My morning coffee
  • My yoga practice

3. I love to cook…Crispy Salmon + quinoa salad with Avo mash

4. A proud moment in my life was when… My dad said he was proud of me and how far I have come.

5. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

Start with a yoga class, brunch, and south Melbourne market, cook a nice big healthy dinner and relax on the couch. I love Sundays!

6. Best meal you’ve ever had… Gracias Madre in LA vegan Mexican it was the bowl uno  + just googled it for you. Romaine, brown rice, black beans, tempeh chorizo, guacamole, pico de gallo, cashew cream

7. Favorite subject in school? Art

8. I can’t stop listening to…Ben Howard

9. Saturday night out or Saturday night in?

Saturday night in.. However with loved ones!

10. Success means…Loving who you are, loving what you do and loving how you do it!

11. 2 things that make me cry…

  • The Movie a walk to remember. Every single time!
  • Seeing people I love upset or hurting.

12. What is normal? Is boring!

13. Vegemite makes me want to?

Mash it up with avocado on toast

14. I can’t live without my… Kills me to say this but my phone!

15. Seinfeld or Friends? Friends

16. Where do you go to relax?

Yoga Or the country where I grew up

17. If you were a vegetable what you would be? A Sweet Potato

18. Who do you want to be when you grow up?

A #girlboss with a multiple portfolio of businesses + a role model to younger woman around the world. So maybe Elle Machpherson wouldn’t mind looking like her too!

19. I’ll have a one-way ticket to… LA

20. What did you eat last night?  Tempeh Chili Con carne w/Cashew cream

21. Last movie you watched…  10 things I hate about you

22. Favorite market place is… South Melbourne Market

23. Don’t mess with me when… I am hungry

24. 6 things I love about Melbourne…

  • Coffee
  • The laneways full of awesome graffiti
  • All the awesome sport events i.e.: melb cup
  • Australian open
  • South Melbourne Market
  • All the different cultures

Ohhhh and I have one more that needs to be added an airport that’s easy to get to and from!

25. I just learnt…. To forget what hurt me in the past, but to never forget what it taught me

26. One word to describe you? Caring


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