26 Things with Golden Grind

July 19, 2016

The makers of Golden Grind get real with our TWOSIX 26 things…


1. Childhood nickname… Nims

2. What makes you smile? My dogs

3. The last thing I bought from a market is… groceries

4. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?

Farmers market

5. Avocado makes me…. Happy

6. If I could turn back time…. I wouldn’t

7. Last book I read…. 4-hour working week

8. Saturday night out or Saturday night in?

Week on week off

9. Happiness is…Family

10. What makes me laugh…My friends

11. Favorite Disney character? Woody

12. I like my coffee with…I prefer a Golden Grind!

13. Favourite Instagrammer at the moment…. The Cool Hunter

14. Where do you go to relax? Yoga

15. If I were a vegetable I would be… Avocado

16. Who do you want to be when you grow up?


17. Take me to…. India

18. Strange Indulgence? Cuppas

19. Last movie you watched… Chef’s Table

20. Favorite Brunch spot…Fourth Chapter

21. Don’t mess with me when… I’m hungry

22. The best gift you’ve ever given?

I gave my sister for her 21st a book of her life in photos

23. I just learnt…. About essential oils

24. Three words to describe you?

Loud, energetic, positive

25. Funniest Person in my life… my sister Heidi

26. Tomorrow I will… Win


F: /goldengrindco

I: @_goldengrind_

T: @_goldengrind_


W: www.goldengrind.com.au


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