Luke Udorovic’s 3-day Juice Detox

April 25, 2016

If you’re thinking, “what are you thinking!?!” Don’t worry we’re on the same page.

Don’t know my hubby Luke Udoroivc? He is a fun loving, always up for a laugh kinda guy.. until he’s hungry!


If you look up the term “hanger” in the dictionary – his name would be listed in bold.

He trains 6 days a week at the gym, runs a hugely successful Talent Management Company, partners in a nightclub, is managing the build of our family home, and manages to keep me pretty happy most of the time too. I’m not trying to brag, but he’s basically superman.

He eats relatively healthy, with a Croation background its mainly meat and potatoes! But being in the Nightclub/DJ industry, he also likes…(loves) a bit of a drink!! A busy lifestyle with no time to rest can wreak havoc on our bodies, so I challenged him to a detox.


A 3-day juice cleanse from the team at Home Juice to help refresh from the inside out.

I know – what am I thinking?

My background is in Health and Wellness, I am the Yin to his Yang, the slow paced to his sprint or the “Netflix and Chill” to his “Fireball Shot anyone?!” 😛

The journey began on a Monday… I asked him a few Qs to get his thoughts before the cleanse:

What did you eat over the weekend?
Saturday was pretty great – an omelette for brekky, schnitzels, and pasta.
(Hungover) Sunday consisted of KFC, bacon & eggs, and pasta again.

How have you prepared for the cleanse (mentally/physically)?
I probably should have had a few days of healthy eating and training but with Day 1 falling on a Monday it was pretty impossible!! I know it’s going to be tough, but I have made sure everyone around me knows I’m doing the detox so that they keep me on the rails.

Do you plan on going to the gym while you do the cleanse?
Yes. I want to keep my usual training routine.

How do you want to feel after the cleanse?
Like Superman

What are your thoughts on vegetables?
No thanks.

After 1 day of cleansing… we reassessed with a few more questions from a safe distance!


One word to describe how you are feeling?
Can I swear?

What is your fave juice & why?
The milky ones by far!

How are your energy levels?
Not bad, although I’m sporting a 24/7 headache. I have been going to bed earlier (mostly so I don’t think about food!) But waking up early which is a bonus.

How was your gym session today?
Gym has been great,

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want a chicken schnitzel right now? Jokes I was way too scared to mention food at this stage!!

As the second and third day carried on, I noticed a change in his skin. Our skin is a great indicator of our health, and being such a busy guy fatigue was always one thing that worried me. His eyes have definitely become brighter and there is a radiant (but of course very manly) glow about his face.

And to my biggest surprise, we have not yet filed for divorce!

Here are Lukes thoughts post cleanse and what he recommends if someone is interested in doing a detox:

The hardest thing about the juice cleanse?
The mind game! Breaking the habit of always thinking about food and trying to focus my attention on other things!

Have you noticed any changes in your body?
I definitely feel leaner than I did before the cleanse.

When were you most hungry?
Breakfast. Lunch. And dinner.

Would you do it again?
Yes! It was definitely a challenge but by day 3 I think I could have kept going. I’ll try the 5-day next!

What do you recommend for someone about to take a cleanse?
Best of luck to you!! Stay strong, it ain’t easy but its worth the initial torture!! I definitely feel so much better after doing it.

Now, whats for dinner??!



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I: /homejuicebar

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