3 Simple Embodiment Practices For When You’re In Full Manifestation Mode

December 7, 2016

When you’re in full-blown creation mode, manifesting and bringing to visible life your projects, idea’s etc, it’s easy to forget about continuously nourishing your body, even in the most basic of ways.

It happens unconsciously.

Your focus narrows to the point where you can see nothing more than your creation.

Which is ready to burst into the world, now.

Which is great, until it’s not.

This is one of my patterns that I need to be vigilantly aware of, otherwise, I hit burn out, creation and focus becomes sabotage, and it takes awhile to elevate my energy levels.

After several days of not drinking enough water, and not feeding my body intuitively with what it needs to sustain my energy output (I’ve been going for the easy options), I received this message from my inner wise self:

You’re all dried up.

In my excitement and devotion to manifest creations that have been bubbling away into clarity over the past two years, I forgot the most important element of all: consistent self-devotion.

So, here are three super simple ways I’m returning to feeling embodied and present, whilst bringing my creations to tangible life.

All it takes is a little bit of consciousness, and I thought you’d benefit from them too.


Begin Your Day With A Prayer Or Intention

Prayers and intentions are the same thing, with a different spin.

I’m adding this note for those who grew up indoctrinated in religion. The word ‘prayer’ can be tinged with the association of praying to a ruthless god. I still have a tiny bit of work to do around this.

Your prayer or intention could be consciously calling in the energy that you need to support you throughout your day. It could be openly accepting courage, grace, presence, intimacy, help, power, love…

Basically, any energetic quality that you would like to embody and infuse into your actions throughout your day.

This will also give you a focus to re-visit throughout your day when your mind runs away with your creations.


Set A Timer

Set a timer (to drink water, go for a walk, stand up and stretch, sit in the sunshine, breathe, eat, take time out etc.) if you need to.

I have one set so that every hour I’m reminded to nourish my body with whatever I need. Plus, it helps me to focus on being productive on one task (instead of 6 – literally), for that hour.

Then, when I have a break I’m able to consciously choose to move onto another element of my creation, or see what I’ve been working on through to completion.


Walk, Breathe and Eat Slowly

Wherever you’re walking to: the bathroom, the next room, outdoors, to your desk, to the shops, the cafe… slow your pace right down.

Go in slow mode. So slow that it takes you double the time to get to where you’re going.

Match your breathing to the pace of your walking.

And when you eat, go slowly and consciously too. Notice the thoughts you’re thinking as you’re eating, and return to your prayer/intention for the day.

Consciously feed your body the vibration of the quality you want to embody.

Your mind will naturally ease it’s racing thought process too, so that when you return to consciously fueling your creations into manifestation, you’ll be more present and decisive with where you invest your energy.

For these moments, set the intention to reconnect with your natural rhythm and the rhythm of mother earth.

Allow her to inform your pace.

After all, she is the ultimate mother of creation.




Article by Melissa Farrugia – Holistic Kinesiologist, writer, and teacher at Soul Wellness

Melissa Farrugia is the creator of Soul Wellness and a passionate holistic kinesiologist, writer and teacher based in Elwood, Melbourne, and globally via Skype. Combining her formal training with a keen sense of intuition and life experience, Mel supports self-responsible souls who are at a growth point in their life, desiring to shift from feeling mentally, emotionally and creatively stuck, to feeling deeply connected and alive in the life they’re living.


W: www.soulwellness.com.au

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