3 Ways to Reboot Your Friendships

October 28, 2016

Are some of your friendships dragging you down? Symptoms can be – you no longer feel excited about catching up with a friend, a friend drains your energy rather than uplifts you, you feel worlds apart or your worries don’t seem to concern them

Here are three simple ways to cleanse your friendships and make the most of those friends who count.


Friendship cleansing

While the idea of culling a friend seems harsh, it can improve your wellbeing. Write a list of your friends. Reflect on how you felt when you last caught up with a particular friend or group of friends. Did you feel uplifted in their company? Were they curious about your life? Do you share common interests?

Friendships can sometimes drift down different paths and that is okay. However, if a friend constantly drains your energy and isn’t there for you, it might be time to let go of the friendship. Remember, if a friend doesn’t show much interest in your life, their care factor of losing a friend will be close to zero.

Delete unused contacts

Scroll through the contacts on your phone, email and Facebook. If you can’t remember the last time you called, texted, emailed or thought about a person, delete them from your contact list. Not only will this free up memory on your phone, it will clear your mind. And if you think you might want to contact this person in the future, write down their details in an address book.

Let go of one-sided friendships

Friendships should be two-way and unconditional. If you put a lot of energy into a friendship but you don’t get much back in return, or if a friend constantly cancels plans to catch up with you or organises to see you only when it suits them, cross them off your friendship list.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who your true friends are, but by following these simple steps it will help you to build deeper, healthy and supportive relationships.



Article by Lauren Roberts

As a yoga instructor and someone who is passionate about health and wellbeing, Lauren is happily blogging about the things in life she loves. Through her creative writing, she aims to help people nourish and care for their body and mind. A true foodie at heart Lauren is often found at the latest cafe hot spots critiquing the food, or in the kitchen creating a new recipe.

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