7 Practical Fitness Tips While On Holiday

January 13, 2017

Originally Published August 22, 2016

Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean lounging by the beach all day and watching all of your hard training back at home go to waste. While it’s tempting to slack off and laze around, there are easy and practical ways you could keep fit on a break. Health and Fitness Travel, experts in healthy holidays worldwide, share their top tips on how to maintain your fitness on holiday. From exploring your new surroundings with a fitness-boosting activity to setting yourself a healthy goal, return home with the kind of healthy glow that will long outlast your holiday tan.

  1. Explore your surroundings

Explore your new surroundings and maintain your fitness by going for a jog or a walk around the area. Ask the concierge for the most picturesque route and discover the beautiful scenery whilst upping your heart rate.

  1. Change normal daily routines

Making practical changes in your normal daily routines applies while travelling. These range from using the stairs rather than the elevator, to sneaking some stretching when you want to unwind and relax. That way, you can benefit from exercise without even thinking about it.

  1. Swim

Aside from being a fun activity, make the most of swimming and fit in a few swift lengths in the pool or ocean before breakfast. Get your heart pumping and benefit from the relaxing effects of being in the water.

  1. Try something new

Keep yourself fitspired by trying out new activities that will stimulate and excite you to keep active on holiday. Swap lounging by the pool for a surfing lesson, kick-start your motivation during a kickboxing class or learn the art of yoga.

  1. Eat right

We all like to indulge on holiday but by limiting these treats and choosing to fuel your body with healthy nutrition on holiday, you’ll be able to perform to your best when it comes to keeping active. By eating the right foods, maintaining your fitness will be less difficult and you will see results faster.

  1. Find support with group classes

Maintain fitness isn’t always easy; you need support to help you keep going when your body tells you that you can’t. With many healthy resorts now offering group fitness classes, join in and meet like-minded people on the same journey as you, so that you can encourage and support each other. The teamwork will help you get results and reward you with new friendships from around the world.

  1. Have fun!

Fitness isn’t all about squats and tears; it is about finding out how you enjoy keeping active, whether embracing yoga, tennis or circuit training, the possibilities are endless. Whether with friends old or new, group fitness classes and team sports are a great way to enjoy physical activity whilst having a barrel of laughs.



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