Autumn & Introspection

April 10, 2015

Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, here in the Southern Hemisphere. Autumn brings with it a sense of introspection and a desire to find balance in our lives before the desire to hibernate rears its head come winter. Focusing on introspective poses, taking the time to slow down and let go in our practice is imperative during the colder seasons, and being mindful of nature’s cycles and rhythms will help connect us more deeply to the Earth and those around us. Read on for some tips and ideas to incorporate into your personal practice this Autumn.


Turning our focus inward and practicing yoga poses that encourage introspection is a great way to honour the season of Autumn in our practice. Embracing forward-bending postures (which are by nature, calming, meditative and introspective) serves to calm the nerves, ground us, and soothe our souls in preparation for the winter ahead. According to yogic philosophy, the act of forward-folding signifies and connection or oneness with our consciousness and encourages the journey inward. The following are great poses to incorporate into your personal practice to embrace Autumn and facilitate introspection and self-awareness.

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)


Dolphin Pose

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana)

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)



Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana)


Surrender and letting go are themes to incorporate into your practice in Autumn. Acknowledging that surrender is the key to deepening our forward bending practice will help us not only overcome obstacles in our poses, but will help us prepare for the change of season ahead. Taking an extended savasana and taking more time for meditation is a great way to encourage release and also to foster the sense of introspection that has been created by the asanas incorporated into our Autumn practice.


Autumn is a time where everything slows down, and so should your yoga practice. Practicing at a slow and steady pace, and making sure to warm up effectively will encourage a well-rounded, seasonally appropriate practice, and will help prevent injury. Slow vinyasa style practices are perfect for this time of year, and will encourage the flow of prana throughout the body, helping you to stay energised, grounded and calm during the Autumn/Winter transition.

Taking the time to honour the seasons in our yoga practice fosters a greater connection with the Earth and helps to ground and connect us to ourselves and those around us. Taking the time to tailor your yoga practice to suit both your individual physical and emotional requirements is imperative to creating a sustainable and beneficial personal practice.



Article by Rachel Carr 

Rachel is a yoga & meditation teacher, currently studying a Nutritional Medicine degree at Endeavour College here in Melbourne. She is a traveller, writer, blogger, Yogini, food lover and Mumma to a Beagle x Staffy named Stevie.
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