Back To Nature Yoga: Taking Your Om Outdoors 

January 18, 2017

Originally published October 21 2016

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll probably know that a number of yoga positions (asanas) are inspired by the nature around us: tree, lotus, cobra, firefly, dog, the list goes on… So why not take your practice into nature and delve a little deeper? Let Health and Fitness Travel experts in wellness holidays worldwide, ease you into taking your ‘om’ in the great outdoors.

The clean calm of a yoga studio can be great for learning the basics, but it’ll never beat the simple tranquillity of a meadow or the power of a mountainscape – settings that can really help you connect to an inner energetic strength.

The further we take our practice the more we realise how abstracted it is to our hectic, modern lives full of demands and distractions. Nature, on the other hand, seems far more amicable towards yoga: it teaches us to flow with life, let go, step back and take in a deep breath of appreciation. Simply being amongst the trees, by a riverbank, or at the foot of a rocky enclave can fill us with a sense of contentment that far outreaches the confines of our cities. It’s this contemplative principle that we can expand upon through doing our practice in nature too.

Alongside this mindfulness aspect, nature also provides an exciting physical challenge to our practice: If you’re used to a sticky mat and a stable cemented floor to keep you grounded, prepare to find a new sense of balance out in nature. You’ll end up working a myriad of flexors and extensors you never knew you had! This is especially true if you take your practice out on the water with a SUP.

The best part of practicing outdoors is that nature is accessible to everyone! Maybe your practice emphasises lots of physical work or more meditative exercises, natures’ door is open to you.

The steps are super simple to follow:

  • Pick the right place: The quieter the better, but don’t get caught up in finding the perfect spot – remember the focus of the practice is still you!
  • Choose an appropriate time: Maybe you’re a 4am ‘brahma muhutra’ bumpkin or a midnight moon worshiper – just remember, outside of a studio, you’re open to the elements so be prepared to wrap up or strip off!
  • Go slow: Whenever you’re introducing change into your practice it’s a good idea to take it easy the first time around – calling a paramedic to the rescue because you’ve sprained your ankle isn’t what you want for your mountain side yoga session!



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