Balancing out your fitness routine!

February 25, 2015

Sometimes it can be difficult maintaining the motivation required to incorporate and continue a regular fitness routine in our lives. There are various factors which can interfere with the momentum of regular exercise, including lack of time, muscle soreness or fatigue, and boredom.

A great way to keep engaged and ready for action is to mix up your usual routine. By balancing out your workouts with some different exercises or activities, you allow your body to recover and your mind to be stimulated.


Here are some simple suggestions to help you balance out your fitness routine:

If you are a runneryou are putting a lot of pressure onto your joints, particularly your knees. Swimming is a fantastic activity to start incorporating into your lifestyle, as it is a non-weight bearing exercise and is therefore, great for those who are suffering from any injuries or need to give their body a bit of recovery time. Even though swimming is a gentler exercise than running, it is still great for increasing cardiovascular fitness and can assist in weight loss.

If you love boxingyou enjoy high impact, fast paced workouts. Boxing is an amazing exercise for increased cardiovascular fitness, stamina and stress relief. However, due to its strenuous nature, it can be quite tough on your body. To give your body, mind and soul a well-earned rest, try attending a yoga class one or two nights a week. Not only can yoga provide you with the time to breathe, relax and centre you body, but it has many other fitness benefits including improved flexibility, muscle strength and posture.

If you spend hours at the gymyou are spending a lot of time inside. Exercising outdoors in the fresh air has many benefits, including increased engagement and enjoyment. If walking or jogging around the local park doesn’t thrill you, try visiting different locations on the weekend, such as national parks or beaches. Rather than lifting weights, try an outdoor circuit. Instead of a spin class, jump on your bike and ride around to your friends house. These alternatives will give your mind and body a refreshing change from the confines of your indoor gym.

If you play netball/basketballyou play for the team. There is no doubt that team sports are extremely beneficial not only for your physical health but also socially and emotionally. The camaraderie that comes with playing a team sport can not be beaten. However, after one or two days of training a week, plus game day on the weekend, your body needs some down time to relax and participate in something a little less explosive. Going for long, relaxed walks can allow your body to slow right down and enjoy quality time spent with yourself of a friend. It will also help to stretch out the muscles in your legs, which get a massive workout with the stop-start nature of fast-paced sports.

Keeping your mind and body stimulated, well rested and balanced will assist you in maintaining a regular fitness routine that you enjoy and look forward to each day.



Article by Heidi Greig.

Heidi Greig is a 25-year-old Melbournian with a passion for all things health and fitness. Coming from a background in modern dance and now enjoying the benefits of Reformer Pilates, Heidi is well –aware of the importance of regular, heart rate rising activity for a balanced and happy life!

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