Bringing balance into your life

February 11, 2015

In this fast-paced and sometimes stressful world of ours, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance in our lives. With hectic work schedules, growing families and busy social lives, our health and fitness often falls to the wayside. It is imperative that we learn to take precious time out of our lives to focus on ourselves and ensure that we are prioritising our physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are some tips to help you bring more balance into your life…

1. Meditation…can feel a bit unnatural at first, as our minds are constantly wanting to focus on something (often many things at once). To begin the mediation process, find a quiet space to sit. Try to choose a place where you are unlikely to be interrupted, whether that be by your mobile phone, co-workers or children. Next, close your eyes, relax, and breathe. Slowly draw air deep into your lungs and release the air through pursed lips. As your mind starts to wander, gently release any thought by re-focusing on your breathing. The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind and enjoy the time that you are allowing yourself to relax. It doesn’t need to be a long session, if you can only find five minutes within your day it will still be having a positive impact on your health.

2. Become a morning person…Not everyone enthusiastically leaps out of bed at the sound of their alarm at 6:00 in the morning. For many of us, myself included, the idea of a sleep in can be very enticing. However, exercising in the morning and starting the day earlier has many benefits. Firstly, it enables us to fit more into our day. Particularly in Summer, when the mornings are lighter and the afternoons are warmer. Secondly, exercising in the morning actually gives you more energy throughout the day, which can make your days more productive. Lastly, when you arrive home after a long and busy day at work you can spend more quality time with your partner/family/friends.

3. Plan your meals for the week…Maintaining a balanced lifestyle also includes providing your body with nutritious foods. Planning your meals is a great way to save money and eat healthily throughout the week and can take the stress out of worrying about what’s for dinner each night. Remember, the meals don’t have to be too fancy. As long as they are tasty and packed full of nutritious, whole foods, your body will thank you at the end of a long week. These days, you can find easy, cheap and delicious recipes on the internet and in cookbooks. Another good way to learn new meals is to have recipe swaps with your friends or co-workers. The best thing about planning your dinners is that your lunches are also taken care of! Just put your leftovers in containers and either pop them in the fridge for the next day or the freezer if you want to save them for the following week!

4. Have a hobby…Pleasure and enjoyment is essential to a well-balanced life. Having a hobby or an interest can help to relieve stress, encourage you to spend time with your friends or just have fun! A hobby can include participating in an organised sport (such as netball or tennis), attending classes (such as painting or language) or even just reading your favourite books. If you are wanting to experience something new, why not try yoga, dance or cooking classes!

Implementing these suggestions into your regular routine will hopefully enable you to create a more balanced lifestyle. Remember to live life in the present and always do what matters most to you. Work hard, laugh lots and spend your life doing what you love!



Article by Heidi Greig.

Heidi Greig is a 25-year-old Melbournian with a passion for all things health and fitness. Coming from a background in modern dance and now enjoying the benefits of Reformer Pilates, Heidi is well –aware of the importance of regular, heart rate rising activity for a balanced and happy life!

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