Cleansing Springtime Yoga Poses

October 12, 2015

Spring is a season of renewal, of new life and new beginnings. Tailoring your at-home yoga practice to align with the current season is a great way of reconnecting with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature, and also to use the season to your spiritual advantage. We spring clean our homes, so why not spring clean and breathe new life into our yoga routine? Read on for 5 cleansing springtime yoga poses to help you make the most of the change in season!

Cat-Cow Pose

Cat-Cow is great for relieving stress and anxiety, and the foster energy within the physical body. It helps to establish proper spinal alignment and alleviates lower back ache and tension. Practicing cat-cow improves posture and balance, and helps to create emotional balance.


Locust Pose (Salabasana) 

Locust pose energises and awakens the entire body, massaging the abdominal area to help stimulate the digestive system. It relieves constipation and indigestion, and encourages proper digestive functioning. This pose is a must for any cleansing yoga routine.


Marichyasana III 

This twist is great for relieving constipation, encouraging optimal digestion and relieving lower backache and menstrual pain. It is also a great post for asthma sufferers, who can have flare ups during the spring.


Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) 

This pose is great for cleansing and detoxification as positioning the heart higher than the head aids in improving circulation of blood and lymph through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Holding Downward Facing Dog reduces fatigue, cultivates energy and balances the nervous system due to have the hands and feet touching the mat simultaneously. It is the ultimate in grounding postures.


Legs Up The Wall Pose 

Legs Up The Wall Pose has been touted as the most therapeutic of the yoga poses. It as an easy, restorative pose that helps boost circulation, eases lower back ache, rejuvenates the legs, and relieves stress. This pose encourages circulation of lymph and blood from the feet and legs, reducing swelling and tension. It is a must in any yoga routine.


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Article by Rachel Marie 

Rachel is a yoga & meditation teacher, currently studying a Nutritional Medicine degree at Endeavour College here in Melbourne. She is a traveller, writer, blogger, Yogini, food lover and Mumma to a Beagle x Staffy named Stevie.

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